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WWE Raw 6-9-14 Live Results & Review Coverage

Posted by E. Julius Keiper Monday, June 9, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing live coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for June 9, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Raw is coming to you live from Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

On this episode of Raw, expect to see the remaining members of The Shield address the betrayal of Seth Rollins. Also, Daniel Bryan is expected to address his recovery status which, if the online rumors are true, isn't going to be good news from the champ.

Tonight's show begins with Stephanie and Triple H making their way to the ring. Stephanie gets on the mic and says that she has a blockbuster announcement. A video then plays of Daniel Bryan's doctor saying that he will be unable to compete at Money In The Bank. Stephanie McMahon then talks about how Daniel Bryan is only a B+ player. Triple H then says that WWE isn't the Daniel Bryan fan club, its a business. Stephanie then announces that Daniel Bryan is officially stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. She then mocks Brie Bella about how she quit for nothing. She then announces once again that Money in the Bank will be for the Championship for the first time ever. Triple H then announces that Randy Orton will also be in the Money in the Bank match along with Alberto Del Rio. Triple H then mocks Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe. He then talks about how everyone thought the Shield was so great until he got Seth Rollins to betray his teammates. A video then plays recapping the demise of the Shield. After the video Triple H schedules a match between The Shield and The Wyatt Family.

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The show returns with a Money in the Bank qualifying match.

MATCH: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

The match begins with Sheamus driving Wade Barrett to the corner. Barrett fights back and whips Sheamus to the corner. Sheamus hits a clothesline and drives his knee on Barrett on the mat. Barrett fights back and hits a headbutt followed by a clothesline. Sheamus is sent to the apron and knocked off by Barrett. Barrett goes to the outside and launches off the steps to take out Sheamus. Back in the ring Sheamus hits a big forearm and throws Barrett to the apron. Sheamus hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. He hits a suplex covers Barrett for a 2 count. Barrett fights back but Sheamus hits a crossbody against the ropes and both men pour to the outside.

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The show returns with Barrett in control. Sheamus fights out of the headlock. Barrett regains control and hits a suplex for a 2 count. He stomps Sheamus and goes to the middle rope for an elbow drop, but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus hits several axehandle strikes followed by a knee to the face. He charges Barrett in the corner but Barrett hits him with a knee. Sheamus reverses and hits an Irish curse backbreaker for a 2 count. Sheamus gos to the top rope. Barrett stops him and Sheamus abandons the attack. Barrett hits the winds of change for a 2 count. Sheamus gets up and goes for the Brogue kick but Barrett ducks. Sheamus turns and hits a suplex for a 2 count. Sheamus loads up the Brogue Kick but Barrett runs out of the ring. Sheamus hits a slide kick to the outside. Sheamus tries to go for an aerial attack to the outside from the top rope but Barrett moves and sends Sheamus to the barricade. Back in the ring Barrett hits a wasteland for a 2 count. Barrett exposes his elbow for the Bullhammer, but Sheamus catches him with White Noise for a close 2 count. Sheamus and Barrett duke it out. Sheamus goes for the battering ram but Barett hits a headbutt and drives Sheamus' shoulder into 2 ring posts. He pulls him back in the ring and stomps Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus comes out of the corner and hits the Brogue kick for the 3 count.

WINNER: Sheamus via Pinfall

After the match The Wyatt Family cuts a promo talking about how men need to control their urges. Bray Wyatt talks about how The Shield is going to burn for their desire for power.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Lana coming to the top of the ramp and talking smack on Obama, saying that he is a sissy compared to Putin. Rusev is then announced to the ring.

MATCH: Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

The match begins with Rusev driving Ryder to the corner. He hits a big forearm to the back of the head. Ryder tries to fight back but is caught with a huge kick to the face. Lana tells Rusev to crush. He stomps on Ryder and applies the Accolade for the submission.

WINNER: Rusev via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Goldust and R-Truth vs. Rybaxel

The match begins wit Truth and Rback. Ryback drives Truth to the corner and tags in Axel. Axel hits a dropkick and tags Ryback back in. They hit a double suplex for a 2 count. Axel is tagged back in. Truth ducks the double clothesline and tags in Goldust. GOldust hits an uppercut followed by an Atomic drop. He hits a power slam and goes to the top rope for a crossbody. Axel fights back but gets rolled up for a 2 count. Ryback breaks up the count. R-Truth tries to fend him off but gets dumped over the top rope. Goldust hits a spine buster on Ryback but turns around and gets hit with Axel's finisher for the 3 count.

WINNER: Rybaxel via Pinfall

After the match, Layla is shown backstage getting her makeup done. She talks smack on Minneapolis and Summer Rae. Summer Rae shows up and beats her up.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with 3MB in the ring. They begin to talk smack on the Shield. The Shield's music hits and Reigns and Ambrose come from the crowd. They get to the ring and take out their frustrations on 3MB. Ambrose gets on the mic and says that they will go down in the history books as one of the best groups in wrestling history. He then says that Seth Rollins was a cance rto the Shield and describes, in gruesome details, how he is going to exact his revenge. He also says that when Rollins addresses the WWE Universe later tonight, The Shield is going to beat him up. Reigns gets on the mic and says Rollins committed the ultimate sin. He then says that Rollins is only part of the problem, and that Orton and Triple H are going to get whats coming to them.

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Damien Sandow comes out dressed as an interpretive dancer.

MATCH: The Usos vs. Fandango and Damien Sandow

The match begins with Fandango and Jimmy Uso facing off. Jimmy is sent to the mat. Jimmy hits an atomic drop. Fandango wiggles to the corner and tags in Sandow. They square up and Sandow takes Uso to the mat. Jimmy applies a wristlock. Sandow fights out and dances around. He turns around and meets a kick to the face. Jey is tagged in and hits the splash for the 3 count.

WINNER:: Usos via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Xavier Woods in the ring. Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring. He gets on the mic and says that Daniel Bryan's recovery will be faster if he just BoLieves!

MATCH: Bo Dallas vs. Xavier Woods

The match begins with Bo getting behind Woods. He applies a headlock. Woods fights out and hits a fireman's carry. They lock up again and Dallas applies a wristlock. Dallas hits a big knee to the midsection followed by a series of elbows. He takes Woods to the mat.Woods fights back and hits a big forearm. Woods is then sent to the apron. He is tackled by Bo when he tries to jump over the top rope. Bo hits the running Bo-Dog for the 3 count.

WINNER: Bo Dallas via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Paul Heyman in the ring. He talks about how Brock Lesnar was named the best athlete at the University of Minnesota. He then leads the audience to believe that Lesnar is in the building, but instead announces the arrival of his other client Cesaro.

Money in the Bank Qualifying match.

MATCH: Cesaro vs. RVD

The match begins with RVD applying the headlock. RVD hits a dropkick for a 1 count. Cesaro sends RVD to the mat and hits a back breaker for a 2 count. RVD reverses an Irish whip and hits a monkey flip. Cesaro sends RVD to the corner but RVD fights back and hits a side kick from the top rope. Cesaro rolls out of the ring and RVD hits a front flip over the top rope.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Cesaro in control. He brings RVD to the mat with a headlock. RVD fights out and rolls across the back of Cesaro. RVD hits a spin kick for a 2 count and drives Cesaro to the corner. Cesaro fights back and hits a fall away slam. RVD rolls out of the ring. Cesaro follows him and slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring Cesaro hits a European upeprcut followed by a double foot stomp. Cesaro applies a sleeper hold. RVD fights out and kicks Cesaro in the face. Cesaro reverses an Irish whip but RVD fights back and hits the split leg moonsault for the 2 count. RVD gets Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro fights back by throwing RVD into the air and delivering a European uppercut. Cesaro follows up with a double underhook powerbomb for a 2 count. RVD ducks the laureate and hits a body scissors roll up for the 2 count. He hits a kick for another 2 count. Cesaro reverses an Irish whip. RVD goes to the top rope but is stopped by Cesaro. Cesaro wrenches RVD's leg over the middle rope to the outside. Back in the ring Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for a 3 count.

WINNER: Cesaro via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Micheal Cole in the ring for his interview with Seth Rollins. Rollins makes his way to the ring. He gets on the mic and interrupts Cole's first question. He says he doesn't understand what all the controversy is all about, he was simply doing what was best for himself, and best for business. He then takes credit for the creation of the Shield, all while disparaging his former teammates. Cole comments that The Shield was formed by three exceptional wrestlers and wasn't supposed to be about one man. Rollins says that he learned to evolve and adapt by joining Evolution. The crowd chants "You Sold Out!", but Rollins says that he "bought in". He then says that says that Reigns and Ambrose weren't his brothers, they were his business partners. He then says that everyone better start believing in Seth Rollins. He then calls out Ambrose and Reigns.

Reigns and Ambrose come to the ring but The Wyatt's intro plays. The lights go out and Harper and Rowan are in the ring facing Ambrose and reigns. They dispose of Harper and Rowen, and go after Rollins. Rollins flees and Bray Wyatt joins Harper and Rowen as they get back in the ring. John Cena's music hits and he comes to the aid of The Shield.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Alicia Fox vs. Paige

The match begins with Alicia Fox and Paige locking up. Fox shoves Paige out of the ring. Paige sends Fox into Aksana. Back in the ring, Paige is dropkicked and again sent to the outside. She gets back in and Fox applies a sleeper hold. Fox hits a northern lights suplex for a 2 count and again applies the sleeper. Paige tries to fight out but is shoved to the mat by Fox. Paige rolls up Fox for a 2 count. Fox fights back for a 2 count. Fox hits a back breaker for another 2 count. Fox goes for another back breaker but Paige fights out with a headscissors to the outside. Paige ties fox up in the ropes and hits her with a flurry of knees. Back in the ring Paige continues the assault for a 2 count. Paige goes to the middle rope but Fox moves out of the way. Paige fights back and applies the modified scorpion cross lock for the submission.

WINNER: Paige via Submission

Fox throws a fit after the match and beats up Aksana.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter in the ring. Colter holds a sign that says "Deport Santino" on it.

MATCH: Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

The match begins with Santino delivering a right hand to Swagger. Santino fights out of the corner and hits a big hip toss. Swagger rolls out of the ring and Zeb slaps him in the face. Swagger gets back in the ring and slams Santino. Swagger goes for the shoulder in the corner but Santino moves. Santino gets out the Cobra but Swagger fights back and hits a gut wrench powerbomb for the 3 count.

WINNER: Jack Swagger via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Cody Rhodes backstage telling Goldust he finally found a partner for him that will magnify the "Magnificent One".

A replay airs of Daniel Bryan's doctor saying he is unable to compete and Stephanie stripping Bryan of the belt.

Stephanie and Triple H are shown backstage discussing John Cena and The Shield. Vicky Guerrero shows up and offers champagne because both Brad Maddox and Daniel Bryan are gone. She sneezes and gets champagne all over Stephanie.

The Shield make their way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with John Cena making his way to the ring.

MATCH: The Shield and John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family

The match begins with all six man battling it out in the ring. Rowen and Ambrose are in the ring to start things off. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody. He drives his shoulder to Rowen in the corner and hits a cannonball. Ambrose takes out HArper outside the ring and hits a dropkick on Rowen. He tags in Reigns and Reigns hits ten blows in the corner. He hits a big clothesline. Rowen fights back and tags in Harper. Harper goes for the suplex but Reigns reverses. Harper is driven to the corner and Ambrose is tagged in. Reigns throws Ambrose into Rowen. Ambrose delivers a dropkick to Harper's knee on the ropes. Ambrose applies a half crab. Harper fights out. Ambrose turns around and eats a big boot for a 2 count. Bray Wyatt is tagged in. He slaps Ambrose and stomps him in the corner. Rowen is tagged in and chokes Ambrose with his boot. Ambrose rolls outside and gets thrown into the barricade. Ambrose reverses a whip and throws Rowen into the steel steps. Wyatt is tagged in and throws Ambrose to the corner. He delivers a headbutt and tags in Harper. They double team Ambrose in the corner. Harper delivers a European uppercut for a 2 count. Harper applies a headlock. Ambrose fights out with a jawbreaker but gets planted by Harper.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Rowen in control of Ambrose. Rowen delivers a side slam for a 2 count. Bray Wyatt is tagged in and drives Ambrose to the corner. Wyatt hits a splash. He goes for another one but Ambrose gets his feet up. Ambrose goes to the top rope but is caught and slammed by Wyatt. Wyatt makes the cover but it gets broken by Reigns. Harper throws Reigns out of the ring. Wyatt goes to the corner and tags in Harper. Ambrose fights back. Cena and Rowen are tagged in. Cena hits the 5 moves of doom. He tries to fight off the entire Wyatt Family but gets taken out by Rowen. Wyatt is tagged in and hits an uppercut followed by a senton splash. He delivers another uppercut and begins conducting the audience. Cena hits a dropkick and goes for the tag but is stopped by Wyatt. Harper is tagged in and continues the assault on Cena. Harper sits Cena on the top rope and gets him in the torture rack. Harper transitions into a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cena tries to fight back but gets slammed for another 2 count. Rowen is tagged in and drives his knee into Cena. Rowen delivers a big right hand. Cena fights back but gets caught with a fall away slam. Wyatt is tagged in and continues the aggressive offense on Cena. He dances around with Cena and then tosses him across the ring for a 2 count. Wyatt hangs backwards in the corner and goes for another senton splash but Cena moves. He makes the tag to Reigns. Harper is also tagged in. Reigns hits the flying clothesline. Rowen tries to interfere but is taken out by Ambrose. ROwen fights back. Harper is slammed by Reigns for a 2 count. Rowen interferes again but is taken out by Cena. Wyatt catches Cena with the Sister Abigail. Reigns hits a superman punch on Wyatt. Ambrose hits a suicide dive to the outside. Harper hits a side kick for a 2 count. Reigns fights back and hits the spear for the 3 count.

WINNERS: The Shield and John Cena via Pinfall


I have some very mixed feelings about this episode of Raw. Daniel Bryan's injury was once again treated like a side note when it should be the main focus of the show. Heck, he wasn't even in the building tonight! I am anxious to see if this somehow plays into the storyline, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I noticed that the title belts were hanging over the ring during the entire show, but Daniel Bryan never surrendered the belts to The Authority. I'm hoping that Daniel Bryan holds on to his belts and still claims the titles even after MITB. That way, a situation can evolve like the one between Razor Ramon and Shawn Micheals from way back in 1994 that culminated in the now legendary ladder match at WrestleMania 10. I doubt anything like that would happen, but one can dream.

Sheamus and BNB put on an awesome match, but I was disappointed with the outcome. If you ever wondered why the IC Title doesn't mean anything anymore, tonight was a perfect example of why.

Two fan favorites (Ziggler and Barrett) are now excluded from the MITB ladder match and a real surprise winner appears to be unlikely. Cesaro qualified for the match tonight, but if you think he has a shot at winning the belts, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. His match against RVD tonight was sloppy, mostly because RVD looked tired and slow. Cesaro is an incredible in ring talent, but he is being booked terribly. He had some good matches with Sheamus over the past couple months, but Cesaro really shines when he works with someone who counterbalances his strong style of wrestling. If this was 15 years ago, Cesaro vs. RVD would have been an epic match. But now, its just filler. It would be awesome for Cesaro to win the Championship at MITB and work a program with Daniel Bryan upon his return. Bryan and Cesaro had some incredible matches back in their indy days and it would be incredible to see their rivalry revived in the biggest show in town. But again, its not something I expect to see, at least not yet.

The main event was a great match, but I didn't like how Cena teamed with the Shield. This would have been a good opportunity to establish an up and coming midcarder as a real competitor. I understand, however, that Cena is the face of the company and this was a high profile main event. Honestly, the whole time I was hoping for Daniel Bryan to at least make an appearance (obviously he wasn't going to be able to wrestle), and was very disappointed when it became obvious that that wasn't going to happen.


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