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The Sharp Shooter: Mick Foley World Tour

Posted by Ed Raj P. Sunday, June 22, 2014
I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Mick Foley on June 17, 2014 at the DC Improv. The man has done it all as a retired professional wrestler, commentator, author, actor and comedian. He has won numerous titles in his Cinderella story career as a wrestling superstar including the WWE Championship. After leaving the wrestling ring, Foley has gone on to accomplish many other amazing things. For example, Foley has written 10 books and is involved in many charities. One of those is RAINN, which was created in order to help victims who have suffered from sexual abuse. Foley has been an entertainer his entire life, and for the last couple years, he has been experimenting with stand up comedy. I was elated to hand the doorman the hottest ticket in city which I possessed last Tuesday night.

The DC Improv was built in 1992 to showcase national touring headliners and celebrities. The stage itself overlooks a cozy, warm and quaint showroom. I showed up just in time to see Mick's opening act: comedian Jared Stern. For arriving in the 'mick' of time, my friends and I were escorted to the last 4 seats in this venue. Best. Seats. Ever. Jared warmed us up with his witty and sarcastic humor. He introduced Mick Foley after his set and I proceeded to clap, scream cheer and beam bright with smiles. In perfect Foley fashion, he appeared on stage accompanied by his WWE entrance music.

Since seeing numerous 'Raj and Mick Foley selfaayys..' on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the main question everyone has been asking me is, 'was he funny or not?' The answer is YES! To understand Mick's style of comedy, you must understand his style of in-ring wrestling ability; it is self-deprecating and shockingly good. Mick relishes in the fact that he is the underdog who won coveted championships on numerous occasions. However, Foley is not a cocky champ. Mick carries himself with a genuine charisma that exudes humility. He is confident, clever and communicates well with the audience...just like a pro (comedian). He joked about current events, never before heard pro wrestler stories, plus he offered our crowd a personal Q&A session. Among the first few things Foley said that night was that he will be signing autographs after the show. He added that all proceeds will go to RAINN (insert crowd pop here).

Afterwards, I individually asked my 3 friends what their favorite moment of the show was. Ramnik's favorite moment was Mick's recollection of the Monday Night Raw special with The Rock called "This is Your Life." Mick told us how angry his boss was at them for drawing their segment far beyond their allotted timeframe that night. Apparently after that show aired, when Vince McMahon saw the ratings, he immediately applauded his two superstars (which led them further into mainstream stardom). A's favorite moment was Mick's story about witnessing a run in with Kurt Angle and UFC mixed martial artist, Mark Coleman. Matt's favorite moment was the fact that Mick showed up dressed in Christmas themed clothing. I asked Matt later, 'why do you think he does that?' Matt simply replied, 'it must be his favorite holiday; hell Ed, he named his hot daughter Noel?'

I suddenly became thrilled we were there in time to occupy the last 4 seats at DC Improv. I was now among the first several people in line to get Mick Foley's autograph. Although I don't typically ask celebrities for any face time, moments like these come once in a lifetime. I was going to meet a WWE Legend. In my opinion, Mick was the main catalyst to the success of greats in the business like The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker (and himself). I waited eagerly in line for my turn to capture a pic with Mick. As I watched everyone before me ask a random person to please take a photo with themselves and Mick, I thought to myself "I have to make this picture memorable for Smark Out Moment." So wait, let me take a selfie...

WWE Mick Foley at DC ImprovWWE Mick Foley at DC Improv

so meta selfie with Mick Foley

Whether you are a fan of WWE or not, my advice is to go see Mick Foley's electrifying and exciting World Tour. You will not be disappointed and you actually might find yourself as pleasantly surprised as I was (as seen above).

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