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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 8 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Brad Garrow Sunday, May 11, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 8, which was broadcast on May 11, 2014. Make sure to leave your comments below or in the chat room on the sidebar and share this page, Tweet it, and tell your friends to follow along here!


Last weeks Total Divas came off the heels of one of the worst hours of TV that was episode 6. The show centered around Brie Bella trying to get Nikki to help her with her wedding planning. This lead to a fight which lead to them making up. Summer Rae was looking for a boyfriend and went on a date with Fandango which was horribly comical. This week she will fight with Eva Marie! Lets do this! 


My TV says Little Fockers is on but guess what...It is Total Divas time!! Come on E! Get your stuff together. Nikki starts the show getting a big package from Nattie its a painting of Nikki and John that is just hideous. Nikki hates it. Vinnie is in the house...but that means Ariane is rapping and doing really annoying stuff. She is having a release party for her rap song. Vinnie is rapping and being corrected by Ariane. I swear if this night is about Ariane I'm done for the night. Nattie is going to Nikki's house so now Nikki has to put up the hideous painting. This is a really boring interaction between the Bellas and Nattie. Ariane and Vinnie are doing dumb things and getting followed by paparazzi. Ugh this is brutal. A match between Tamina and Trinity is happening, while Summer and Eva are summoned to talk to a WWE official about becoming a tag team. They agree. Best tag team ever? I think so. Back to the match with Trinity and she gets the Win! Brie Bella warns Eva about tagging with Summer....uh oh!! Trouble on the horizon. 

*Commercial Break* 

Damn Summer looks great in yoga pants. Summer and Eva are training together which is basically the blind leading the blind. More Ariane who is not likable at all. She wants her paparazzi pictures on the internet and can't find any. She wants to be more famous...aka the opposite of CM Punk. Nattie is now painting and it is not that great. TJ tells her so. Ariane is meeting some dude to make her more famous or something dumb.

*Commercial Break*

The dude she met was Ray J. She wants the paparazzi to think something is going on. This will not make Vinnie happy! They are doing MMA training which looks more like dry humping. Ugh she is a brutal shameless person. Summer and Eva are still training and it looks like its really bad. Eva knows absolutely nothing and Summer is getting frustrated. Summer is concerned that Eva will make her look bad. Nattie is getting the painting she painted for Brie and Bryan...Eva is getting ready for her match and looks so good...god damn. Nattie is trying to stuff this huge painting on top of her compact rental car. Driving down the road and the painting flys off the roof of the car!

*Commercial Break* 

Nattie wants to go get painting and TJ wants absolutely no part of it. This is far and away TJ's best episode ever. Nattie gives Brie and Bryan their wedding present of the hideous painting. Brie and Bryan are dead silent and trying to be nice. They hate it. Daniel Bryan is the man. Summer is talking to Fandango about her problem with Eva. She is worried about looking bad. She starts warning backstage management about how bad Eva is going to be in the ring. He tells Summer to protect herself. Tamina is added to their match to make them look better. Summer won't even tag Eva in or let Eva get in at all.

*Commercial Break* 

I'm sure this has to be frustrating for Eva. Eva starts chewing out Summer backstage and rightfully so. Brie asks Summer what is going on. Summer says that Eva sucks which is the total truth as well. The girls giving Eva advice backstage to help her deal with Summer. This is breaking down the fourth wall.

*Commercial Break* 

Eva is still steaming over what happened and goes to talk to Summer. Eva tells Summer to go fuck herself and now she has no allies. Ariane has a photo shoot for a magazine i've never heard of. Vinnie is surfing the internet and finds the pictures of Ariane with Ray J. He is pissed and he should be. Ariane brushes it off.

*Commercial Break* 

Ariane is at her singles release party while Vinnie is still steaming. Apparently Eva and Ariane are super tight? When did this happen? Ariane admits she fucked up over the Ray J thing. Ariane apologizes to Vinnie and he is pretty cool about it. Ariane keeps talking about her "brand"...This song she is releasing is awful. Trinity is having a match and her opponet knees her hard in the face and we go off the air with Trinity going to the doctors.

Review: Way to much about Ariane and her song release. I really do not care about her at all. The drama between Summer and Eva is perfect. Eva will get cheap sympathy while making Summer the uber heel. I'm sure next weeks episode will be revolve around Trinity's injury. 


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