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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 7 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Brad Garrow Monday, May 5, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 7, which was broadcast on May 4, 2014.

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Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 from Season two was probably one of the worst of the series. Nattie and TJ fought because they spend money and have no romantic connection. Ariane house sits for Nattie and throws a huge party and loses her cat. Ariane is the worst person on the show. Brie shows Nikki what kind of chicken she should eat. Yup it was really that awful.

Episode 7 Synopsis

Welp here we go this week can't be worst than last week! Brie is looking at bridal magazines for a wedding that happened a couple weeks ago! D Bry and Brie practice kissing for their wedding day. Summer Rae is upset about being single and 30 - uh Summer, I'm single... we can fix this. Eva is going to hook her up. Trinity has been forgetting to take her birth control and Jon doesn't want to wear a condom... so uh no sex? Jon has kids already. Our weekly diva round table is just Summer talking about whats wrong with her. The girls suggest her hooking up with Fandango. Brie talks about how her and D Bry got together starting with a story line. We get action from Summer Rae match. Summer Rae starts a conversation with Fandango in like the most awkward interaction every. Holy god that was scripted. Brie is wedding dress shopping without Nikki. Brie looks absolutely fantasic! Nikki finally shows up and steals the show.

Eva is talking about Nattie being upset about seeing Lana who is the best looking diva on the roster and is blonde. Trinity is talking about a new birth control method that lasts three years. Eva and Ariane are trying to talk Trinity into getting the birth control now. Trinity thinks she should be Divas Champion. It's now time for bridemaids dress shopping with Nikki and Brie. This is leading to an argument about Nikki showing too much boob. Ugh this is brutal. Trinity decides to get the birth control implant without telling her husband, spoiler alert..won't end well.

Trinity's mother tells her that Jon will be upset. Trinity decides to go through with it anyway. Summer and Fandango on a terribly awkward date. Fandango actually seems like a cool dude. Summer seems like she might be the most annoying girlfriend on the face of planet. She is practically throwing herself at him. Gym time with John Cena and the Bellas! Brie wants to talk wedding, Nikki does not. John Cena makes some jokes and all is right with the world. Back on Fandango and Summers date, and he asks her on a second date, She invites herself back... she doesn't mess around. Boom, she makes her move and they start making out, atta boy Johnny Curtis.

Things are getting hot and heavy... and the kiss is not good at all. She feels like she is kissing her brother. Science says women lose attraction 60% of the time after the first kiss, so I guess that make sense. Brie is upset about the way Nikki is acting toward her wedding. Summer isn't going to tell anyone what happened with Fandango. Trinity is telling Eva and Summer about what she did and Jon shows up. He starts asking why her arm is wrapped, so she starts telling him.

Jon is a little upset that she didn't tell him what she was doing. The wedding invitations are out and Brie wants Nikki to help her with them, Nikki doesn't want to. This starts an argument and Brie tells Nikki to eff off being her maid of honor.

Brie and Nikki's mom is in town. They start discussing the situation between the Bellas and the whole wedding situation. Mom gives some great advice, Nikki might just be upset it won't happen for her. Summer finds Fandango in the back and they start talking. Fandango squashes it, seems like a stand up dude. Trinity finds Jon who is still upset about what happened.

Jon makes Trinity realize he just wanted to be kept in the loop about it. We get action from a Trinity match shes coming for the title! Brie apologizes kind of to Nikki and they make up. Makes my heart feel good.

Review: It was a lot better than last week's train wreck. The Fandango/Summer thing was a little interesting, but the thing I found most amazing is Fandango is a likable person. Nikki and Brie fighting about stupid thing is the norm for the show. Other than that, it was pretty mundane. I could still go for more Summer Rae. How about a spin off of her dating each and every single wrestler and Brad Garrow. Who wouldn't watch that?


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