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WWE Legends House Season 1 Episode 5 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Ed Raj P. Thursday, May 15, 2014
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What happened this week on Legends House? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Legends House season 1 episode 5, which was broadcast on May 15, 2014.

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On last week's episode of Legends House we watched the gang travel to Las Vegas to complete their next challenge; a dance performance at Chippendales! Tony Atlas and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are at serious odds which is creating a rift in the house.

This week's episode starts off with Tony Atlas and Mean Gene Okerlund working out in the Legends House gym. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is in the pool bad mouthing Tony Atlas. Tony Atlas approaches Rowdy Roddy Piper in the kitchen and hugs him for his kind and encouraging words in last week's episode. Hillbilly Jim and Tony Atlas head to the local market to get some pickled pigs feet, pickled pig tails, fresh calamari, chitterlings and other southern delicatessens. The guys come back and show their groceries to Jimmy Hart who is unimpressed. Tony Atlas heads out to the patio and offers some of these unusual eats to Patt Patterson and Howard Finkel who graciously decline. The only Legends who are excited about this meal is Atlas and Hillbilly. This scene ends with Atlas enjoying a huge plate of his cooked chitterlings with tabasco hot sauce.

We are welcomed by the stunning Ashley in a skimpy yellow bikini next. She requests that the Legends come to join her out by the pool. Ashley introduces the ol' timers to water aerobics instructor, Ann-Britt. They all appear unamused to have to do this activity. The Legends get combative and jeer her as they go through the motions in the pool. The segment ends by the guys making the best out of their water aerobics experience by having a few laughs, hooting, and hollering at gorgeous Ashley.

Jimmy Hart and Hillbilly Jim are writing a song to commemorate the experience shared here at the house. At the moment they are having writer's block.

Palm Springs is known for it's passionate art community, and for one night the Legends House art gallery will be open for the public to see! The challenge (as stated by Ashley in this next scene) is that the Legends must create 4 original pieces to add to the already existing 8 pieces in the house. Each existing piece can be described as a black and white 20X20 that compliments each wrestling Legend in character. They must present 12 pieces in total to the general public.

Tony Atlas is a pretty good artist, and the rest of the Legends want to use him as a captain to complete this mission. He turns down the offer, and the guys vehemently try to get him to accept. They are distraught. The Legends come up with some creative ideas for the paintings to contribute. Tony Atlas offers some suggestions and tips and the guys are off to a good start on this project. They all seem to be working hard and together. They are relentless this bunch of WWE all-stars... Time's up!

The Legends have 4 new original pieces to contribute (1 of which was done entirely by Tony Atlas). The gallery looks really classy but nobody shows up? Jimmy Hart gets on his megaphone to encourage people in the house! What a great idea, he pulled in a fairly large crowd through his promoting on the street. They have a silent auction set up in order to raise money for charity. The event raised over $1,200.00 and the Legends feel great about themselves and each other for their contributions.

Tonight's episode of Legends House was entertaining indeed. We were able to see Tony Atlas' talents as an artist for the first time. We caught the amazing Ashley in a tiny bikini at the pool. We saw a WWE reality show focused on charity and giving back. I am pleased by the creation of this show, and enthused to watch many more episodes and seasons (hopefully) in the future. Thanks for following along and don't forget to tune in next week. What will the Legends do next?


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