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WWE Legends House Season 1 Episode 3 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Ed Raj P. Thursday, May 1, 2014
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What happened this week on Legends House? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Legends House season 1 episode 3, which was broadcast on May 1, 2014.

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Last week on Legends House we watched the ol' timers participate in "the Polo Challenge." The following day they attended a fiercely hilarious Zumba training class, and ended the evening with a little BBQ action.

On this episode of Legends House we are welcomed by Tony Atlas and Jimmy Hart working out. Roddy Piper gets up and Ashley introduces us all to the Legends next challenge. Bowling for a Trophy! They are going up against the Dessert Queen? "The Dessert Queens" are a team of beautifully assembled elderly american Grandmothers skilled in the game of bowling! The Legends are falling apart before the game begins with jab after jab towards one another! One of the Dessert Queens seems to fancy Hillbilly Jim? These seniors seem to being having a grand time together. A GRAND time. Piper lands a strike. CROWD POP! They chant "Hoo00OOOooo" in perfect Hacksaw'esque unison. The game comes down to the final shots and Tony Atlas is tied up with a skilled Dessert Queen. No way to tell who was winning from the score boards, but Jimmy thinks they have a very good solid chance. Legends House valiantly score 736 Pins but Bowling Queens win with 876 Pins. The Legends are distraught, disappointed feeling totally dissed by their loss to the Dessert Queens, I mean the "Bowling Queens."

For the next challenge Ashley approaches the Legends in the living room requesting they cut a promo together. They must assemble two teams and Mean Gene Okerlund is captain of 1 team (the red team). Rowdy Roddy Piper is captain of team 2 (the blue team). Team 1 pow wow, bicker and pump one another up as they deiberate. They are unexpectedly escorted to a car wash.

Simultaneously somewhere else team 2 is introduced by Mark who asks them to help him create a commerical for his own business. Team 2 are presented pink flamingos as a prop for Piper's rowdy team to use. Lol. The plastic kind. The FAKE kind might I add. The team also have rubber duck-ees that they must incorporate into their skit. I mean, "television commercial." These guys are really sacking up and faction'ing up to cut the best promo. EVER! Team 2 practices video ideas, angles, gimmicks and games with one another. This is really challenging! They all seem to be bumping heads with one another?

LOL OMG there is a huge argument at the car wash with team 1. Jimmy Hart apparently hit the button that set the car wash on while Pat Patterson was cleaning it (and wearing a white T)! Yup, he is terribly upset. Mean Gene instigates while Hillbilly Jim minds his own darn business. This type of disagreement could end a faction, but could they have the best promo with this 'slice' of TV entertainment? I mean, could they splice it into their promo? John, the car wash attendant confessed to be the culprit of hitting the switch on Pat Patterson. Red team 1 dig deep, come together and ultimately present a hand-wash your car at the legendary car-wash commercial.

The visual editors show up later that evening to help the Legends chop and screw their promos into life. Howard Finkel of team 2 steps up to share his opinions. Don't sleep on the Fink! However, Tony Atlas angrily quits the team around this time. He feels they are doing him totally wrong (and for the most part they passed on his film ideas all day). As Piper and the Fink discuss what to do about Atlas we see the leader of the team emerge. Piper tries to console with Tony but Tony feels disrespected and that's why he left. Team 2 still finish their assignment (despite the disagreement). The next morning Piper wakes up with a new attitude and enters the living room with the swagger of a true professional leader. If I were in the Legends living room right now I'd call him the WWE Project Manager Champion. Tony Atlas and Roddy Piper make amends and the blue faction is back!

Ashley present our judges to watch and assess each team's commercial and select the undisputed 'Legends Faction Champion' for this challenge. The winner is... "Flocko Flamingo" "Flocko Flamingo" Flocko Flamingo" BLUE TEAM 2 led by Rowdy Roddy Piper! Congratulations superstars... Good show.

Ashley tells the Legends they are going to Las Vegas! Blue team 2 wins a stretched limo ride in order to travel in style.

Red team 1's captain becomes totally mean when he discovers that his team will be travelling to Las Vegas in a 15-seat passenger van. Soo00OOOooo sorry Gene Okerlund!

Tune in next week if you think this reality show is as absolutely hilarious as I do? YES! YES!! YES!!!


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