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Turn Up the Heat: CM Punk's Big Announcement

Posted by Anthony Huether Sunday, May 18, 2014
Everyone's favorite walk-out wrestler, CM Punk, made two rare appearances recently. His first was about two weeks ago at a Chicago Blackhawks game, where he "shot the puck" during intermission of Game Two of the Blackhawks vs. Wild series. On Saturday, he did the 7th inning stretch at the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers game. This happen to be Punk's third time singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to lead the 7th inning stretch, and he made a huge announcement during the game.

CM Punk and Smark Out Moment are the best in the worldDuring the top half of the 7th inning, Punk sat down in the Cubs TV booth with Len Kasper and Todd Hollandsworth and they discussed several things going on with CM Punk. The biggest news of them all is that he and AJ Lee will be getting married next month. That is right—next month.

After Punk announced it, the cameraman zoomed in on AJ Lee, who was attending the game with him and didn't seem very thrilled to be on television. When Punk realized this, he joked about how that would end up costing him big time with her, seeing as how she was appearing on something outside of WWE programming without permission.

Punk's announcement caught me off guard. He has been very quiet since leaving the WWE after the Royal Rumble. Besides the pictures from fans that are posted online to spark the internet rumors, Punk has been very quiet and distant from the wrestling community, and I don't blame him. Punk seemed very relax, very happy and ready to joke around with Kasper and Hollandsworth in the booth at anytime. He is a natural on the mic, even with Kasper and Hollandsworth, and you can never take that away from him. Now, the real question is: after the announcement of his upcoming wedding and his contract expiring in July, have we really seen the end of CM Punk in the WWE?  In the wrestling business, you just never know, but Punk seems content away from WWE. What about AJ Lee? Is she done with WWE as well? This situation may have sparked even more rumors and brought up more questions rather than giving the fans any kind of answers that they're seeking.

Some other highlights from Punk's appearance:
  • He still continues to love the Chicago Blackhawks and he wants them to win the Stanley Cup, again
  • He called Brewers Ryan Braun a schmuck for doing PEDs
  • He would like wrestling to come back to Wrigley Field
  • He admitted wrestling outdoors at MetLife Stadium was not fun at all
  • A smile and a handshake from fans will go a long way with him
  • He joked about playing NHL '94 on the Sega Genesis during his time off and won the Stanley Cup about 18 times with the Chicago Blackhawks
When CM Punk ties the knot, is it all over for him and possibly AJ Lee as well? Or could this soon-to-be-happily-married couple be coming back to compete against the other married couples in sports entertainment such as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below!

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