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Getting Over: Daniel Bryan's Injury & Replacement Champions

Posted by Stephen Wadelin Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Daniel Bryan Wins Championship Wrestlemania XXX Youtube Video Stream DownloadDaniel Bryan recently announced on Monday Night Raw that he will be undergoing neck surgery. If we're to believe reports, it should only be minimally invasive surgery and Bryan's turn around time to return could be as short as a month or two. I'm in favor of him holding the belt and working the injury into a storyline if this is the case. However, if it seems like it will take longer than two months, then it's time to address the situation differently. The most obvious option is to vacate the championship or even bring in an interim champion much like they do in UFC. The end result would be Daniel Bryan facing that champion to unify the belts. Either way, this would mean finding a suitable champion, and here are my possible candidates for that role if it comes down to it::

Bray Wyatt WWE 13 Render
Bray Wyatt is currently in a feud with the biggest star in the company. Bringing the current title situation into the feud with Wyatt and Cena means you have a main event program set around the title. If you have Wyatt win this feud, he'll have a whole lot of momentum going against the eventually returning Daniel Bryan. The story between Wyatt and Bryan stretches back to last year, with the important note that Daniel Bryan's never beaten Bray. Coming back from a neck injury and defeating Bray Wyatt would be perfect for Daniel Bryan.

Cesaro Swing Youtube Video DownloadCesaro is in a situation where has the support of the internet and can go in the ring. However, he's been lost in the shuffle. There are reports of him having a big future, but the King of Swing doesn't have too much going for him right now. If the title is up for grabs, then an interim or short reign with the belt could jump start Cesaro's career that's fallen flat since teaming with Heyman. Also, if WWE does want to do a Cesaro versus Lesnar match, then SummerSlam could be a great platform considering Lesnar was once demanding a title shot.

Kane WWE Network Youtube DownloadKane makes a lot more sense than I want him to, from the three tombstones and the additional beating Daniel Bryan took. It's being worked in that the cause of Daniel Bryan's downfall is the Big Red Machine. Kane and Daniel Bryan's paths are going to have to cross somewhere down the road. In addition to that, people don't want Bryan's reign cut to short. My answer is let him pick up right where he left off. If Kane takes his belt as well as his career. It's another great comeback story for the underdog Daniel Bryan. The only issue is who Kane would feud with until that happens.

John Cena Youtube Video DownloadJohn Cena is always a guy you can fall back on and is reliable if you have doubts about the other options. I'm personally hesitant to do this unless Daniel Bryan's going to be away for a long time. I think the money match for WrestleMania XXXI is John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan. For John Cena to become champion, it leaves Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble and battle Cena on the greatest stage of them all. But again, unless Daniel Bryan's on the shelf a long time, I wouldn't want to do this just because I don't want Cena and Bryan's path crossing until WrestleMania. Knowing WWE, they'd pull the trigger to soon and ruin that.

CM Punk Return RumorsIf WWE ever needed CM Punk to return, it's now. The harsh reality of it is that they're down a star player. CM Punk likes being in that main event spot, and having him return (say, at Payback in his home state) could lead to something special. People including myself want a CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan feud with some meaning behind it. Having a bitter CM Punk return to claim the title and go against a returning D-Bry would be all sorts of fun. Though I think at this point, CM Punk's content doing whatever he's doing outside of the WWE...

In the end, it just really stinks that Daniel Bryan's title reign could be cut this short. I just hope it doesn't put a dent in his momentum in the long run. Perhaps a return after the injury will silence some of those idiot fans that have already turned on him. Get well soon, Daniel Bryan!

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