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WWE DVD cover Road Warriors LOD 2000Ooohhh, what a rush! The Road Warriors are the tag team every tag team need to inspire to be. About ten years ago, WWE released the DVD Road Warriors: The Life and Death of the Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History.

HIGH SPOTS (best parts of the DVD)

The introduction of Precious Paul Ellering was definitely a highlight as he was such a valuable formula of The Road Warriors. He was, as Animal said, a manager of managers. Ellering—besides being their on-screen manager—was their real life business manager. He took care of all their business expenses, plane tickets, booking of matches and protecting of their future. When you hear about The Road Warriors (especially with the younger generation) Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior Hawk always come to mind, but Ellering needs to be included in that mix. He completed them and was the driving force on and off screen.

Furthermore, their move from National Wrestling Alliance to the American Wrestling Association was well done. The focus on how dominating they were and their ability to draw money was put on display during their time in the AWA. People wanted to see The Road Warriors. They were new, different and physical. AWA had tag team talents such as The Crusher and Baron Van Raschke, older wrestlers, more traditional mat wrestlers, etc. The Road Warriors were not that at all. This resulted in a very good clash in style, in which The Road Warriors would get over with the crowds quickly and become the AWA World Tag Team Championships in no time, along with other prestigious awards. The Road Warriors' physical, smash mouth style of wrestling allowed the AWA to bring in other unique talent such as The Fabulous Freebirds, who would challenge The Road Warriors and main event several shows. A tag team main eventing a show was unheard of, but they were doing it.

Greatest tag team in pro wrestling history Legion of Doom
Starrcade 1986 - After The Road Warriors returned to the NWA from the AWA, they were in a feud with the Midnight Express. The Midnight Express got to beat up the The Road Warriors at a TV taping leading into Starrcade 1986. So, to end their feud, they had a Scaffold Match. The scaffold was a 30 feet in the air and only 3 feet wide to fight on and the only way to win was to knock your opponents off it. You think Hell in a Cell is dangerous? Think again. Leading up to Starrcade 1986, The Road Warriors had a Japan tour and Hawk actually broke a bone in his leg. The night of the match, Animal taped up Hawk's leg and Hawk put his boot on and they went on to compete, defeating the Midnight Express. Animal stated how that match was very dangerous and happy that scaffold matches don't happen anymore.

LOW BLOWS (weak points of the DVD)

R.I.P Road Warrior Hawk death October 19, 2003
One thing I felt WWE didn't do a great job discussing and reviewing was the use of Hawk's problems with drugs and alcohol in storylines. It seemed like they rushed telling this story and may have even edited out parts of what was said from those who were interviewed. The angle took place in late 1998 and early 1999, when WWE was trying to be more "real". On a high note, Hawk did eventually clean his act, sober up and found religion.

Another weak point was when Hawk went to Japan. After Hawk actually quit WWE and left Animal, it didn't really flow. It was great that Hawk helped out a Japanese superstar, but it felt like a side note of Hawk's continued struggle with drugs and alcohol. The DVD made it sound like he left for Japan because he wanted to be alone and his decision to go to Japan was because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.


Road Warriors: Life & Death of the Most Dominant Tag-Team in Wrestling History is a must-have DVD for die hard wrestling fans. If you grew up watching AWA, NWA and/or WWF/E during the territorial time, this DVD will bring back several great memories. If you are fan more of the younger generation that has rarely seen or may not remember The Road Warriors, this DVD gives you a new appreciation of the wrestling business, tag teams and a very good history lesson of wrestling. Oooohhh, what a rush!!!!

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