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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 4 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, April 14, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 4, which was broadcast on April 13, 2014.

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Last week's episode revolved around the complete dissension of the party bus, with Trinity and Jon breaking the rule of "no sex on the bus", Nattie breaking the "no pooping on the bus" rule, and emotions running high. Daniel Bryan's concussion during the match he had with Bray Wyatt and The Usos was featured, along with Brie arguing with Summer Rae over her having approached Bryan, which apparently was a slutty and classless thing to do in Brie's mind. After Summer went to Nattie's home to confront her about their issues, an argument escalated to the point where Summer slapped Natalya in the face. The Divas attempted to mend fences, although Eva Marie and Summer Rae are clearly still on the outs with the group and there's no doubt that this temporary truce will collapse.


As this episode begins, Nattie is saying that the slap from Summer Rae has messed up her nose and that it might be broken—it's bleeding and it supposedly looks crooked.

Nikki tells Eva, Brie and Tamina Snuka that she has just passed her test to become a real estate agent.

Nattie is ecstatic to be given a chance to compete for the Divas Championship at TLC. [Spoiler alert for those that are living in November, she doesn't leave with the title. Womp womp.]

Nikki is given a chance to show what she calls a "dream house" for a percentage of the commission. She's nervous, but she's able to pull it off.

Trinity is rehearsing dance moves for her music video and things aren't going too smoothly.

John Cena is spending more time in San Diego at Nikki's mother's condo. He gets a phone call and walks away to take it, which offends Nikki.

Trinity and Jon visit Sandra Gray, who will be making Trinity's outfit. It is only half-finished, so Trinity decides to take it and work on it herself, despite how Sandra advises against it.

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Nikki buys more conservative clothing for her real estate career and wants to show it off to John. Instead of being as enthusiastic about it as she is, John is distracted on the computer, which upsets Nikki. Somehow, John even doesn't seem to pay attention when Nikki is trying to entice him by not wearing a bra.

Trinity is stressing out over her outfit. This isn't going well at all, just as Sandra predicted.

Nattie goes to the physician and gets her nose checked out. He recommends taking six months off for invasive surgery to correct it. Nattie is torn between her two options—she doesn't want to miss work, but doesn't want to leave this the way it is.

Trinity was able to pull off fixing her outfit, but is exhausted. Things seem to be going great, but while filming the music video, part of her outfit rips. She puts on a new one, but gets hit with problem #2—part of her hair extensions falls out. All of these delays are starting to stress out the director. As Trinity says, "when it rains, it pours", as the police show up. There is an issue with their permit to film at that location.

*Commercial Break*

Lucky for Trinity, the permit checks out and the police leave. Jon gives her a pep talk to boost her confidence.

At the NOH8 photo shoot, Eva Marie and Trinity make Nikki's suspicions that John is cheating on her worse by telling her stories of how they've been cheated on in the past and how she should be worried, as John's exhibiting the same behavior that their ex-boyfriends did.

Since Nattie is wrestling Summer Rae, she is worried about her nose injury and instructs Summer to stay away from her face. During the match, Summer blasts her in the face with a kick several times.

*Commercial Break*

Nattie's nose is worse, but she wants to keep it a secret—at least for now.

John turns down Nikki's offer to join him at the gym. Since she's suspicious, she recruits Brie to go spy on John with her. The Bellas wax poetic over Bonbons and Adele. "You know, that song is toootally about meee" teenage girl style. John is not at the gym, but when Nikki calls him up, that's where he claims to be. Nikki says when John gets home, she's going to kick him out.

*Commercial Break*

Nikki confronts John about what's going on. He calls her a hypocrite for being a believer in faith and trust, but spying on him.

T.J. tries to talk Nattie into getting her nose fixed rather than waiting, as he's more concerned about her safety instead of her career (which is Nattie's chief priority). She still refuses to do anything but try to "suck it up" and deal with it.

Nikki is setting up to show the house when Cena shows up. He confesses that he went to see another woman....

*Commercial Break*

....her name is Sarah and she's a real estate agent. John is buying the house that she's showing, because he knows that this is her "dream house". John is going to move to California and live there. [D'aww...did anyone not see that coming?]

Brodus Clay and Brie are complimenting Trinity on her song. [It actually does sound pretty good, from the short clip they played.]

It's time for Natalya's title match with AJ Lee at TLC. It goes better than expected, and Nattie is happy with the results.


Not the strongest episode that this show has ever had, but not a specifically bad one, either. I, for one, tend not to be a fan of the very soap opera heavy episodes. Your mileage may vary on that, and if you're a fan of those, you'll probably love it. Instead, I prefer the ones that show more of the backstage nonsense, which is why my overall favorite thing from this episode was just seeing Brodus Clay hanging out backstage with giant red headphones on. That seems completely in-character for him. As a viewer, I'm supposed to be heavily invested in Nikki and John, but quite frankly, they're nowhere near my favorite couple on the show. Bryan and Brie fill that spot, and that relationship was completely absent on this episode. Jon and Trinity are in second place, so it was nice to see more of them.

QUICK PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK: Eva Marie may not be able to have kids and Natalya and T.J. see a sex therapist.


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