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WWE Legends House Season 1 Episode 1 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Ed Raj P. Thursday, April 17, 2014
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What happened this week on Legends House? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Legends House season 1 episode 1, which was broadcast on April 17, 2014.

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Legends House begins with a reality-style promo introduction describing what viewers can expect to see this season. This is a WWE Network original.

Tony Atlas is first to arrive to the Legends House. The house is electrifying, by that I mean it's a ginormous style and sized MTV'esque crib. The house has a tennis court, pool, expensive furniture, you name it "the works." I like the history WWE took to mind when carefully hand selecting the depth for this cast. We are hanging out with Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Pat Patterson, Jimmy Hart, Howard Finkel, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Gene Okerlund and Rowdy Roddy Piper. All of them are thoroughly impressed with the digs and seem excited to embark on this exciting experience. They become thrilled when Ashley arrives as host of the show especially "mean Gene."

For their first task Legends are paired in two and asked to deliver upside down cakes to their newly formed neighbors. It looks like Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be the hilarious practical jokester (who is paired with Roddy Piper on the mission). Gene Okerlund and Tony Atlas have really great senses of humor and spirits too. It was a fun little objective to watch some of my favorite Legends accomplish.

As the show continues we see Legends lounge together and talk in the beautifully decorated retirement home. Patt Patterson and Jimmy Hart go to the grocery store for ingredients to cook for dinner. Patterson is making cabbage roll for supper, a family recipe. I got to say, Howard Finkel is really funny too! A few of the Legends played tennis and had a blast earlier in the evening. Dinner took way too long to be prepared according to most of the roommates. It appears Patterson was on his own schedule so the guys went on to enjoy an extended happy hour.

The next day Gary Busey surprises the Legends outside on the lawn. He introduces them to his form of meditation (as they sit in a circle on yoga mats). The Legends are unimpressed by Busey. Gary Busey however drops knowledge on them all and eventually gets them talking and opening up. Tony Atlas really got involved in the conversation and that struck a chord with Hacksaw Jim Duggan (who earlier mentioned he dislikes Tony Atlas). As they continue the conversation the topic goes to something like, "superstars and the characters they possess." Once you form an alter ego who decides what time it is to be yourself? Roddy Piper concludes the clip by reminding viewers that Gary Busey is an actor, and he isn't.

That night Pat Patterson seemed to be drinking excessively as commented by Gene Okerlund. The Legends reminisced through discussions about personal recollections from the first WrestleMania. They had sparkles in their eyes and opposing flair in their words. Later they compared their battle scars and self-inflicted wounds. The Legends described their special connection to the crowd in a bleak and gripping open forum.

Roddy Piper quit drugs and alcohol on September 1, 2009. He still is having a hard time sleeping and battling with his addictions. He paced around the house while some Legends partied it up with some heavy old man drinking as the night went on. I must say Roddy Piper is doing a terrific job holding it together and not succumbing to his demons (as he described earlier are among his addictions). Jimmy Hart commented among other Legends that Roddy Piper was always a loner. They agreed with Hart. Roddy Piper left the house and it's getting late into the night. The Legends stay up and converse together worried about Piper.

Oh my bad did I forget to mention today, April 17 is actually, Rowdy Roddy Piper's 60th Birthday? Happy Birthday you ole' timer and welcome everyone to Legends House. A WWE Network original series.


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