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On Friday, April 25, 2014, C-Fed will finally get his hands on Ryan McBride, who has been cleared by medical doctors to compete in the ring. McBride has been out of action since having surgery on his knee back in August of 2013, but has been tormenting C-Fed for months. He has cost C-Fed the MCW Heavyweight Championship, attacked C-Fed with a Death Valley Driver after a match with Mustafa, and has evaded retribution from C-Fed with the help of a security guard at the last event. I was given a chance to talk to Ryan McBride about this ordeal. This is what he had to say:

MCW Wrestling C-Fed vs Ryan McBride Bodyslam Autism 4

Q: What is it going to feel like to finally get back in the ring after all of this time that you spent off due to injury?

A: No doubt, it's going to be a pretty exciting feeling to get geared up and step inside the square circle again. Nothing compares to being in front of a crowd and all attention is on you. I'm not sorry to all the CrapFed faithful that are expecting me to slip up. It's just not in my blood to not fire on all 8 cylinders. I spent several months in the ring with torn ligaments in my knee.

Q: Are you nervous to be back in the ring? Are you scared that you're going to re-injure your knee?

A: I'm not the slightest bit nervous/concerned. Like I said in the previous question, I spent several months with torn ligaments in my knee and now that it's fresh and stronger than ever, good luck stopping me.

Q: At the last show, a security guard attacked C-Fed from behind. What was the deal with that?

A: The answer to this question is 'need to know' and Mr. Interview Guy don't need to know.

Q: A lot fans think that you are afraid of C-Fed. What would you like to say to them?

A: Afraid? Are you kidding me? The past few months, CrapFed and myself have had some encounters that I thought went really well. Don't you think?

Q: Why all the hate towards C-Fed? What did he do to you that made you target him?

A: MCW is my house. I picked up the ball and ran with it when everyone else wanted to go elsewhere. I leave to get my knee fixed and what happens? The whole world forgets about me and replaces me with Crapfed. How can you replace a gifted athlete like myself with C-Fed? Have we ever figured out what exactly a "C-Fed" is?

Q: Any last thoughts about the upcoming match or anything you would like to say to C-Fed?

A: No. I've said enough.

For more info on how to purchase tickets for Bodyslam Autism 4, go to or purchase them through You can follow Ryan McBride on Twitter @RyanMcBrideMCW.

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