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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 3 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Brad Garrow Sunday, March 30, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 3, which was broadcast on March 30, 2014.

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Last week's episode of Total Divas saw Nikki and John Cena get back together to start the show. Daniel Bryan and Brie got a bus for the road and invited the rest of the cast to join them. Ariane dug into Eva Marie's past and found old skimpy photographs of her that she passed around the locker room. Summer found out before Eva and informed Eva about it. This is laying the ground work for the rest of the Divas vs Summer Rae and Eva. Last week's episode ended with Ariane attempting to apologize to Eva for what happened and Eva saying she did not accept the apology.

Season 2-Episode 3 Synopsis

Welcome to the kick off to WrestleMania week with coverage of Total Divas!

Trinity and Jon start the show with Jon being all over her. Trinity says he has a high sex drive and that is against bus rules. Summer and Eva are riding together, being glad they aren't on the bus. Eva is still upset with what happened with Ariane. She says they want throw her under the bus and embarrass her. Summer says that she herself is being a pushover. Summer doesn't understand why Nattie hates her. Brie feels bad about the bus idea because Bryan isn't enjoying it. Brie thinks the girls should be focusing on the in-ring stuff and not the drama from the bus. Brie is telling Jon that he needs to find a place in the arena to have sex so he isn't having sex on the bus. We see action from a divas match on Raw. Ariane wants to have more fun on the bus. They start singing Ariane's music which Daniel Bryan is cracking jokes over. Something is happening in the bathroom with Nattie and it seems pretty gross.

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Nattie got icy hot on her butt that happened to spread...let your imagination do the rest. Nattie apparently pooped on the bus which is against bus rules. Daniel Bryan is making hilarious jokes about this. He is the best. Nattie is doing her first Make a Wish which is fantastic. Make A Wish is the best thing the WWE does and they do a great job at it. Nattie gives the girl her WrestleMania 25 jacket. Summer Rae wants the seamstress to make her dress a little more revealing. No one objects to this but the seamstress, though she does it anyway. Brie walks in on Trinity and Jon having sex on the bus: another rule violation.

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Trinity is mad that Jon didn't lock the door. Brie tells D-Bry what happened with Trinity and Jon. Bryan says this bus thing is turning into a disaster. Daniel is not impressed. They show more diva wrestling on this show than they do on Raw. Last night for everyone on the bus, Brie thanks god. Jon says his nickname is "Horny Uss". (A Smark crowd will eat that up) Brie brings up what happened earlier. D-Bry says this is the last time he is doing the whole bus thing. We are now back in the dining area and Brie and D-Bry are talking about their wedding. They start talking to Nikki about the bus problems. Then we have a shameless D-Bry shirt plug. Daniel Bryan says Summer has gone up to him and told him she cares what he thinks about her and hugged him. Nikki says Summer has been hitting on Cena too. Brie is going to confront Summer. This is getting good!

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Brie goes and finds Summer. She asks her what she said to Bryan and Summer lies about it. Brie is hot about it. Brie says its a slutty classless thing to do. Summer admits she is a flirt but not a whore. Brie says Summer throws herself at men which Summer denies. Summer says Brie is insecure in her relationship. Brie tells her to keep her legs shut. Summer tells Eva what happens, Eva thinks Summer crossed the line. Brie doesn't think she got through to Summer. Brie still seems hot about it. Bryan tells her to be the bigger person. They are watching Raw in the back. Summer tries to talk to Brie who blows her off and Brie tells her no they are not friends and she needs to leave everyone alone. We see Bryan suffer his concussion on that awesome episode of Raw.

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We come back to Bryan meeting with the doctor. Bryan gets five days off. Jon was the one who concussed Bryan and feels terrible about it. Nikki tells Brie something like this is more important than Summer being annoying. We see the Divas getting their action figures. Summer comes in to meet everyone from the action figure company. Nattie sarcastically asks Summer when she is getting her own. Summer and Nattie have an awkward exchange with Summer basically calling Nattie ugly and old in a round about way. Nattie says she is acting unprofessional, things are heating up.

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Eva is meeting with fans which is very cool. Nikki says because of the drama on the bus all the girls should get together and talk about it, YES! Summer goes first and says she is sorry for what happened between her and Brie. Brie accepts her apology. Ariane apologizes to Eva again, Eva says she is still hurt. Eva says she is trying to get on their level and feels insecure. Nattie says about herself that she should should toot her own horn like Summer does. Summer doesn't understand what the issues are between her and Nattie. This is leading to a little argument and Nattie says Summer is full of shit. They agree to a temporary truce which won't last long. Nattie is talking to Fandango (who is Summers partner) and complaining about Summer, truce broken. Summer walks up and Nattie goes away. Fandango tells Summer what Nattie is saying about her. Fandango tells Summer he doesn't need the drama and Summer says she will talk to her but it wont be at work. Summer goes to Nattie's house to confront her.

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Nattie answers the door and Summer asks to talk to her. Summer says she doesn't have time for gossip. She starts complimenting Nattie on how good she is in the ring and then says she needs to gossip less and focus on her career more. Nattie is angry about this. Summer says Nattie is insecure. Nattie says Summer is very fake. Nattie says Summer has no respect she says Summer only gets a reaction for basically being a stripper and that's the reason she is 30 and single. Summer slaps her and that ends the episode.


There we have it, the season of Summer has begun. In tonight's episode she feuded with Brie and Nattie. Everything in the show tonight was just filler around this. The bus thing finally ended. We saw D-Bry get a concussion and for some reason they didn't show what happened after he took the bump, it was only the highlight of WWE 2014 so far. Summer is the perfect heel for this show, all women will legit hate her. She is not only gorgeous but knows she is and she loves to flirt with everyone else's boyfriends or husbands. I feel like the feud with Bellas will pick up again and the feud with Nattie will just be the center piece of the show. I would like to see them use this in a story line and get some matches out of it down the road.

Quick note, there will not be a new episode of Total Divas next week as it WrestleMania Sunday. Make sure you join us all week for WrestleMania XXX coverage!


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