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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/27/14 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Robert DeFelice Thursday, March 27, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling for March 27, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Impact Wrestling is coming to you from The Impact Zone. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to leave your comments below or in the chat room on the sidebar and share this page, Tweet it, and tell your friends to follow along here!

Tonight will include follow-up from last week and advancements in the world title storyline.

The show opened with MVP coming to the ring as they recap the events from last week's main event. Magnus was quick to say that he controlled Abyss. MVP said that Magnus was like everyone else in the monsters life: manipulative and controlling. He gave Abyss a chance at the world title next week but added Samoa Joe to the mix. Joe quickly came out to the ring and the 4 men brawled. Eric Young joined the fray and we were sent to commercial with a brawl.

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, Eric Young demanded to be added into the world next week and ran down his history with the company. MVP granted him the match and it's now a 4 way for next week. Joe then brawled with Eric Young and match was made for later on tonight.

Backstage: Bully Ray hyped his Twitter account and promised to get the tables later on tonight; The wolves we're granted a match against Abyss and Magnus; Spud and Ethan Carter was shown in the woods looking for Willow.

*Commercial break.*

Ethan Carter was shown giving Rockstar Spud a Pep talk which led nowhere. Spud called their hunt a suicide mission.

MATCH: The Wolves vs. Abyss and Magnus

The world champion quickly worked over Richards. A reversal led to a tag to Eddie Edwards and some precision tag team work followed. Abyss hit a double clothesline to the back of both men's heads to send us to commercial.

*Commercial break.*

Back from commercial, and exchange led to the world champion coming in the room to face-off with Eddie Edwards some back-and-forth action before Edwards made the exchange to Richards. Excellent double teaming by The Wolves. Davey Richards hidden suicide on Abyss as Magnus quickly tapped out to a rolling Boston half crab.

WINNERS: The Wolves via Submission.

Post match, the champion played it off like this match didn't matter so that's why he gave up and Abyss decided to walk out with the championship.

*Commercial break.*

Coming back from commercial, Angelina Love made her entrance. Love called out Velvet wanting to know what Angelina's problem was. Velvet came out and said she is pissed for what Love did to Madison. Angelina said that Velvet had become vanilla and a forgettable face and that by the and of the match that Angelina has with Madison tonight, Velvet better pick a side.

A Gunner/Storm vignette aired covering their initial pairing; more silliness from the hunt for Willow.

UP NEXT: Bully Ray!

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, Ethan and Spud were messing around debating whether or not to go inside of a barn. When Ethan turned his back, Willow abducted Spud! Another vignette aired centering around the start of the conflict between James Storm and Gunner(Great build to this match so far.) Bully Ray was headed to the ring and was still receiving a pretty hot reaction has a new babyface. Bully Ray had impact fans bring a load of tables to the ring, unlike the Occupy RAW movement, they didn't stick around for long. Bully touted the fact that he got rid of Dixie Carter. He stressed that Bobby Roode would've ended up being just like Dixie. He then ask the audience how many tables they wanted to see Bobby go through, he got to five before Bobby interrupted. Bobby said the opportunity to become owner blinded him before he ran down the list of his own past accomplishments. He asked the fans if they knew who he was. Bully told Roode to fight him now. Roode said he called the shots and Bully said the fans wanted it now. Bobby tried to leave before Bully chased after him and started beating him up around the ringside area. Bobby gained control of the brawl and he and Bully traded attempts at putting each other through a table. The action spilled into the ring and Bully hit the flip-flop and fly punch combination before big booting a table after Bobby moved. Everything came to ahead when Bobby sidestepped Ray and the New York City native went crashing through a table.

Backstage, Magnus and Abyss argued over losing that tag team match. Magnus told Abyss that if he didn't change his attitude and allowed MVP getting his head he would end up alone being somebody's freak show once more...

UP NEXT: Knockouts Action! Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne and Velvet must pick a side!

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, the announcers hyped Gunner/Storm and we get more of the backstory of Knux. Interesting...

MATCH: Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Angelina is out first. I personally thought Velvet would be out first and sit ringside for this one. Madison hit the ring fast and quickly took control over Angelina. Out comes Velvet, who remained impartial as Madison went too quick pinfall attempts. Angelina Took control and was angry at Velvet's unbiased attitude. Velvet stressed Madison was still her friend and Angelina maintained control of the action inside the ring. An double facebuster let us to a stalemate and the girls started striking when they got up. Madison got the better and completely took control. Finally, Velvet made her decision and DDT'd Madison on the floor allowing Angelina to get the win. Heel celebration afterwards. Holler!

Winner: Angelina Love via pinfall.

ODB was shown backstage comforting her husband, Eric Young. Young versus Joe is up next!

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, Kenny King makes his return to television and it is announced it that he will re-debut next week

MATCH: Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe

Both men stare down and Eric strikes first Joe tosses Eric outside but Eric comes right back and regains control. Joe takes over with a stiff kick to the face Eric tried to mount a come back quickly got shut down. The next few minutes were all Joe, grew more and more frustrated when Eric would kick out. A double clothesline gets us back on an even playing field. When they arose, Eric Young took control. Joe was able to hit an STO but only garnered a two count. After a failed Moonsault attempt by Eric Young, Joe locked in the rear naked choke. Eric try to counter it, but to no avail. Eric passed out and Joe picked up the W.

Winner: Samoa Joe via referee stoppage.

After the match, there is some dispute over the decision but it was ultimately left alone.

UP NEXT: James Storm and Gunner UNLOCKED in a no disqualification war!

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, footage was shown of Samuel Shaw stalking Christy and cutting off a piece of her hair as she almost had a nervous breakdown; next week features a loaded lineup including a straitjacket match, I tables tag team match and the championship 4way; we get one more vignette for the main event.

MATCH: James storm vs. Gunner in an UNLOCKED No DQ Match

Both men began fighting on the ramp way, Gunner took the advantage and immediately set up a table. Both men traded shots on the outside all the while, Gunner was throwing items inside the ring. James took control with a vicious boot to the head. However his advantage didn't last for long as they continued brawling on the outside and Gunner took control. When the action finally went back inside the ring, a DDT by James sent us to commercial. He wasn't in control for long and the slingshot send gunners head into a folding chair it was followed up by a backstabber and an elbow drop James went to get more weapons but as he came in the ring Gunner speared him through the apron crashing down on a table below. Later, Gunner hit a superplex through two steel chairs but it only garnered a two count. James tried the last call but Gunner kicked out. A beer bottle to the head of James storm followed by an F5 gave Gunner the win in this awesome match

*Commercial break.*

Back from commercial, James kicked out of a slingshot suplex at two. Both men begin to trade shots with trashcan lids and Gunner took the advantage He wasn't in control for long and the slingshot send gunners head into a folding chair it was followed up by a backstabber and an elbow drop James went to get more weapons but as he came in the ring Gunner speared him through the apron crashing down on a table below. Later, Gunner hit a superplex through two steel chairs but it only garnered a two count. James tried the last call but Gunner kicked out. A beer bottle to the head of James Storm followed by an F5 gave Gunner the win in this awesome match; Back in the abandoned barn, Ethan found Spud only to be beaten down by Willow to close the show.


More of the same from TNA. Their work is spot on. Actual progression of storylines. Great wrestling, especially that main event! However, there is always this lingering feeling that these shows just aren't important. Whenever there guys put on a good show you can't help but feel like "man I hope this guy gets a spot in the WWE so he can really show himself." I shouldn't feel that way. This company should feel like more of a major player but something about them just doesn't click as much as I enjoy their shows. Believe me these hours fly by a lot quicker than whenever I cover RAW-- but, at least when I watch WWE I feel like I'm watching something special. Anyway, next week's show is completely loaded and I can't wait to be back here with all of you guys following along. Also, I can't stress enough you should go out of your way to watch that main event. Thank you for checking out my coverage tonight feel free to use the information in the footer below to connect with me. Good night.


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