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TNA Impact Wrestling 03/13/2014 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Robert DeFelice Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling for March 13, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Impact Wrestling is coming to you from The Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to leave your comments below or in the chat room on the sidebar and share this page, Tweet it, and tell your friends to follow along here!

This week, TNA returns to the United States. MVP takes over the "wrestling operations," we get follow up on Magnus and Abyss, and Rockstar Spud hosts Thank You Dixie ceremony.

IMPACT WRESTLING starts off with Ethan Carter leading Rockstar Spud and The BroMans backstage insisting that it was Bobby Roode's fault Dixie had no control. Bobby Roode said the only person to blame was Bully Ray and that when he got to the building, all of the heels should beat him up. A Lockdown recap video was played and then Tenay kicked off the show as MVP made his entrance.

MVP said DixieLand was officially closed! MVP said that he doesn't know what Bully Ray uses as motivation but he will be treated like everyone else now. MVP said his policy is - Motivate, Validate, and Participate. (MVP *chuckle chuckle*)Magnus interrupted MVP and the announcers played up his victory at the pay per view.

Magnus said that while Dixie was fumbling the ball he was kicking the field goal. He said he was more powerful than ever and introduced Abyss as his new insurance policy. Abyss was sporting a new mask and coat. Magnus unlike Father James Mitchell and Eric Young he wasn't going to exploit him like a freak. He said that Abyss was only part monster and just like everyone else, he was motivated by money and he would continue to share his fortune with Abyss making them stronger. MVP said he doesn't care about Abyss or Magnus and that she wasn't going to say another word until Samoa Joe was in the ring. Joe hit the ring, and MVP said as a part of the MVP principal he was going to give Joe a title shot next week and a match with Abyss right now...

MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

Joe(still selling the effects of Janice) speared the monster and repeatedly struck him sending us to commercial break.

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, Abyss is working over Joe's midsection in the corner. Joe blocked a shot and floored Abyss with a Pele kick. Abyss regained control and hit a knee to the midsection of Joe. Abyss stayed in control with another began the corner and neck crank chin-lock. Joe mounted a comeback hitting some offense that damaged his own injured ribs, including his signature Senton Splash. Joe then went for a Muscle Buster and wasn't able to lift Abyss, who was able to hit a Chokeslam before going for Janice. Right before he could hurt Joe with the barbaric weapon, Eric Young appeared and hit a missile dropkick on Abyss who quickly left the ring.

WINNER: Abyss via DQ.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash hyped the appearance of Bully Ray; Angelina Love made her return by interrupting JB. "Did you miss me?" She asked before walking off.

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, JB was still waiting for Bully Ray. Willow interrupted and it was bizarre; Brittany made her debut and Tenay through it to a video package highlighting her.

MATCH: Brittany vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim dominated the entire match. A little back and forth action in the corner led to Lei'D Tapa getting in the ring and accidentally hitting Gail. This allowed Brittany to roll her up for the victory.

WINNER: Brittany via pinfall.

Post Match: Lei'D and Gail got into a brawl which the Amazon seemed to get the better of.

Backstage, Rockstar Spud greeted Bully as he made his entrance into the building. Robbie E, Jesse, and EC3 attacked Ray before Bobby Roode came and put the finishing touches, nailing Bully with an object. The BroMans made there way passed the wreckage and towards the ring.

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, DJ Zema Ion introduce The BroMans and Tigre Uno and Sanada made their entrance as we got to view a video of Sanada and Muta,

MATCH: The BroMans vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno

The BroMans had an advantage early on. The high-flying duo eventually countered a double team effort and took over the match with beautiful high-flying spots including a cool double dropkick spot and some Topés to the floor before Sanada picked up the win with the Moonsault.

WINNERS: Sanada and Tigre Uno via pinfall

Backstage, Bully regained his composure and took his chain and headed forward looking very pissed off.

*Commercial break.*

Backstsge, Velvet complemented Madison on her victory at Lockdown before Madison told her Angelina was back much to Velvet's shock; The BroMans we're complaining about their loss when Bully entered their locker room and extracted his revenge on them; Samuel Shaw appeared to be talking to Christy Hemme when he spotted the cameraman, and chased him away; Willow was shown in a balcony of sorts; Spud and EC3 were shown getting ready for the Dixie Carter thank you ceremony.

Up Next: Thank You Dixie!

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, Joe was looking for Eric Young. Joe told Eric that he didn't appreciate him sticking his nose in his business. Young told Joe that Abyss was his mistake and that he was going to fix it. Week, during the title rematch, Eric Young will be chained to Abyss!

Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud were in the ring with a portrait of Dixie Carter... Spud was a terrific sappy mess. The crowd chanted boring as Spud held back tears. He eventually started crying as he said tonight was about "his Queen." A short but sweet tribute was shown: Rockstar read a poem as the crowd chanted boring; MVP finally came out to interrupt...

"THIS RIDICULOUSNESS IS OVER!" MVP said. MVP then told Spud he would once again have to be a wrestler. Spud tried to back his way out of it. MVP booked Spud vs. Willow tonight and EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley for next week. EC3 debated Bobby Lashley wasn't on the roster to which MVP responded that he signed him immediately as his first act as wrestling operator. Bobby pushed Spud down and EC3 bailed quickly.

Backstage, JB interviewed Ethan Carter who said he was going to tear Bobby Lashley to shreds before bully Ray attacked him from behind and left him laying.

Up Next: Ken Anderson versus Samuel Shaw in a Street Fight!

*Commercial break.*

Samuel Shaw made his entrance he has a new mannequin dressed like Christy before placing her in the corner. Anderson trying to do his usual entrance schtick but was attacked by Samuel.

MATCH: Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson in a STREET FIGHT!

They've rolled on the outside with Samuel working on the back of Anderson. Eventually, he actually worked its way inside the ring and Anderson dominated before kissing the manikin on the lips as Samuel freaked out. The bizarre distraction led to the Mic Check and the victory.

WINNER: Ken Anderson via pinfall.

Backstage, Angelina Love said that she would announce why she came back next.

*Commercial break.*

Back from break, the announced team plugged some upcoming live events, more bizarre behavior from Willow and another Kenny King vignette. The Beautiful People's music hit and Angelina made her entrance.

Angelina said it was great to be back home. She said during her time off, she had grown wiser. Angelina said that she really missed the fans. She then called out Velvet Sky, who came out right on cue and yes, she let the pigeons loose. The two former teammates immediately embraced.

Angelina said she can't change the past and she wanted to say more to Velvet before she left. She credited Velvet for her breakout in the industry. The crowd immediately chanted "Beautiful People." Angelina said it was time to put the band back together and the crowd adamantly agreed. Velvet said she wasn't expecting Angelina. However, she feels that she grew beyond who she was in The Beautiful People. "I Love you, girl. Okay? I just need more time to think." Velvet said before hugging Angelina and ending this very awkward segment.

Backstage, Bully Ray was still looking for Bobby and appeared to be on his way to the ring; Willow was still shown walking around in the backstage area. Lots of bizarre behavior on the show tonight.

*Commercial break.*

Back from commercial, Rockstar Spud was already in the ring and Willow made his pretty cool entrance which was filled to the max with video effects.

MATCH: Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

Willow was played off to be the far more aggressive side of Jeff Hardy the two minute match ended when Willow hung rockstar spud in the tree of woe and hit a shot to the testicles with his umbrella.

WINNER: Rockstar Spud via DQ.

Post Match: Willow hit a Twist of Fate on the referee and then stomped the leg of Rockstar Spud while it was inside of a chair. The final nail in the coffin was a body splash on the top of the ladder.

Bully Ray made his entrance and shared a brief stare down with Willow before heading to the ring and the show cutting to commercial.

*Commercial break.*

Back from commercial, with about five minutes left of airtime, Ray discussed how surprised he was to hear the fans cheering for him. He said when he was placed into that casket his career flashed by before his eyes. He said he tried to stop Bobby Roode from gaining control and becoming another Dixie Carter. He called out by Roode for a fight right now and Roode came out in street clothes. The two men began to fight ray got the better of it and did the old "Get the Tables!" Bit with the crowd. Bobby fought back, but eventually ate a Powerbomb through the table. The new babyface Ray celebrated to close the show.


It's apparent that TNA is in the process of a big change in terms of storylines. Angelina and Velvet Sky had a really awkward segment. While, Lei'D Tapa seems poised to break out as a major star. The definite story throughout the night was Bully Ray's transition from a major villain to the top hero. He definitely have the right crew of heels to work with as the pompous jerks came off as completely incapable of taking down the New York hard-ass. While I would've preferred to see some heels with backbone everything that happened tonight definitely played with the new regime storyline. Abyss also debuted a new style tonight. Personally, I feel like that character has had too many facelifts to be taken seriously, but you never know when they will actually strike gold.

Willow is an exciting turn for Jeff Hardy. Although, I feel like it's too late to have him make such a drastic character change I'm excited to see where all of this goes. I'm NOTU, TNA isn't the perfect show but they are doing a lot of things right and I took the position covering this so that I could be up to date with the only major alternative to WWE. It wouldn't hurt for you to give this brand chance you never know what a few fresh eyes could do for ratings or the product in general. Feel free to use the footer information to connect with me and I will see you all again next week. Have a good night.


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