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Interview with Maryland Championship Wrestling's Drolix

Posted by Unknown Monday, March 10, 2014
I recently sat down with MCW superstar Drolix, the leader of the "Black Wall Street". We discussed how he got into professional wrestling, talked a little bit about his faction and what the future holds for him. He made his MCW debut in April of 2009 and is a 1-time co-holder of the MCW Tag Team Championship.

Maryland Championship Wrestling Drolix Black Wall Street professional wrestler

Q: How did you get started in professional wrestling?

A: I have been watching wrestling since the age of 11 and I always wanted to wrestle but I did not know there was a school around here for professional wrestling training until I was about 32. I went ahead and signed up at the Gillberg Pro Wrestling Academy and have been wrestling ever since.

Q: Who were some of the wrestlers you idolized growing up?

A: I loved Arn Anderson and honestly any of the Four Horseman—Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham.

Q: Your faction now—the "Black Wall Street"—is a upcoming faction in the Indy scene. What faction of the past do you think you guys resemble?

A: I think we resemble the Four Horseman. We got the looks like they did and are all different. You have never really seen a faction like the "Black Wall Street". First of all [we're] all African Americans and second [we're] very well dressed. We don't portray ourselves as thugs or gangstas or anything like that. There has never been a faction like us. We don't play the race card. We are the professional African American brothers. We came in the game with money and we did it the legal way, not the illegal way.

Q: Within the next 6-12 months where do you see yourself?

A: That's easy. I'm going to be sitting at the top of MCW as their World Heavyweight champion and there's no doubt about that. It's etched in stone right now. That title is mine and it's [only] a matter of time before I get it. So Christian York or whoever is the world champion, when I get my chance [they're] just a bump in the road on my way to being on top.

Q: You guys are definitely one of or THE top heels in the promotion but a lot of fans still cheer for you guys. Why do you think that is?

A: I just think they like our talent. It's hard to explain, but we are who we are. If you cheer for us, so be it, but [we're] not changing for anyone or anything. Our goal is to be on top of the MCW.

Q: Anything you guys would not do to become champions?

A: Nothing at all. No one can touch us right now. We're the best in MCW right now. No one in that company can touch us, period! [We're] on a roll right now and anyone they put in front of us, we stream roll them. We have already [proven] it over the last couple of months [by] taking out everyone even big name stars.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans, the fans of MCW and the other wrestlers in MCW?

A: Watch out for "Black Wall Street". Mark my words we will reign supreme over MCW actually we'll own MCW. The takeover has begun [and it's] just a matter of time [so] keep your eyes open and keep your eyes peeled [as] the "Black Wall Street" is coming.

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