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Getting Over: CM Punk Returns on Raw 3-3-2014?

Posted by Stephen Wadelin Sunday, March 2, 2014
I'm sure you have heard the reports that CM Punk would be returning to Raw tomorrow night, making it seem like it was a work that he left WWE to begin with. Dave Meltzer broke the story, meaning you should take it with a grain of salt. With that said if you've listened to the Smack Talk podcast, I've been pretty confident that CM Punk would be returning.

CM Punk Pipe Bomb Youtube DownloadSo it begs the question: where does CM Punk fit in with the WrestleMania card? He was originally booked as though he would feud with either Kane or Triple H, but in his absence, Daniel Bryan has assumed that role. For CM Punk to continue to feud with The Authority, he would have to be slotted in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, making it a triple threat between himself, Batista and Randy Orton.

With Batista turning heel and ranting on how he is going to destroy the WWE fans' heroes, how there aren't any "real men" left and that they are all 195lbs wannabes, it would make sense for CM Punk to return to the rescue this coming Monday in his hometown of Chicago.

At the same time, I'm beginning to feel perhaps CM Punk's leaving was not a work. It was reported that CM Punk didn't like the direction of feuding with Triple H and that he wanted his WrestleMania main event. Well, if all the cards fall into place the way it seems, he'll get exactly what he wanted. At the same time, he'll be taking away the Cinderella story of Daniel Bryan finally winning the belt at Mania.

In the end, if it means we get both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan winning and overcoming The Authority on the biggest stage of them all, I can't say I'd be disappointed with the result. Plus, if it sets up a potential Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk feud in the post-Mania season, then I am more than excited!

The only big plot hole I can see here is coming up with a reason for why CM Punk has been missing. In addition to that, what the hell would be the reason for him to come back? Work or not, I can see us getting a pipe bomb version 2.0 this Monday night. Perhaps CM Punk will run down everyone backstage, talk about being misused, and he left after the Royal Rumble because of that—but when he saw that the main event was scheduled to be Randy Orton against Batista, he decided to return to WWE and save us, fulfilling the promises of change he made.

Even then, there is still an issue of how to get him as a contender for the title match. Shawn Michaels superkicked Benoit and signed the dotted line back in 2004 to get his title shot. Maybe CM Punk can do something similar to that? Perhaps this is how WWE can bring Vince McMahon back, having him return to insert Punk in the match on his own volition.

Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to tuning in this Monday for WWE RAW. To get our reactions, join us LIVE after the Monday Night RAW goes off air on Mega Powers Radio for our review and thoughts on WWE RAW and CM Punk.

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