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Interview with C-Fed from Maryland Championship Wrestling

Posted by Unknown Thursday, December 26, 2013
Maryland Championship Wrestling C-Fed wrestlerI got a chance to sit down with Maryland Championship Wrestling superstar C-Fed on December 19, 2013 and talk a little bit about his upcoming match on December 28th against World Heavyweight Champion Christian York in an I Quit Match as well about his background becoming a professional wrestler. C-Fed is a 2-time world tag team champion with his partner G-Fed as the tag team Fed-Up. He's also the winner of the 2010 Tag Team of the year and Feud of the Year. C-Fed has been in MCW since 1999 and is by far the biggest face in the company at this time.

Q: What made you want to get into professional wresting and who are some of your childhood idols?

A: Well I have been a fan of pro wrestling as a kid. As a kid I liked Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior and I never thought of being a wrestler until my buddies went to wrestling school and I never knew wrestling school existed. Then my buddy George (G-Fed) brought over a tape of his first match and I thought to myself why was I not doing this. So once I seen the tape I started 2 months after that.

Q: What's the big difference going from tag team to singles competition?

A: When I started doing singles I never had aspirations to be doing that. But when management tells your going to be challenging for the heavyweight championship its a dream come true. When I told G-Fed he was kind of worried about what was going to happen to him since they were a tag team. Being in the main event scene for a company like MCW one of the best Indy wrestling promotions its unreal.

Q: You first came to MCW as heel and now you're one of the biggest faces. Why do you think the fans have grown to love you?

A: When we first started doing our stick we meant for it to be annoying. But I think the crowd changed with more kids coming to shows and now ever since then we started popping everytime we came out. I try to get the crowd involved in the show and I think they like that. On the Indy scene you dont see that to often but I always try to put on a good show every time out.

Q: Who do you think your gimmick best represents?

A: When we first started we wanted to emulate brian christopher and scotty 2 hotty. But I really like the New Age Outlaws because you have the muscle guy who was G-Fed and you have the guy on the mic who was me.

Q: How is it different working with former TNA star Christian York compared to someone else who hasn't been mainstream?

A: He's very easy to work with for sure. Hes been around for 16 years working with the best in the business and its a honor to be working a program with him. Im learning alot from being in the ring with him. Don't get me wrong I want to beat him in this I Quit match and be the world heavyweight champion.

Q: The WWE right now is signing a lot of independent wrestlers to go train and work at the Performance Center. What would you do if they approached you?

A: I would love to go there if they offered. You go work with the best trainers in the business. It would be a dream come true. But I dont like how they want you to change your character. You develop your character on the indy scene and they like your character when they see you why would they want to change your character. But I dont think Chris Swann would get over with the crowd like C-Fed would.

You can follow C-Fed on Twitter @cfedswann. For more info on the event December 28 go to

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