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WWE 2013 Slammy Awards Winners, Results, Predictions and Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, December 9, 2013
List of Slammy Awards Trophy Winners 2013 WWE Raw
WWE's annual Slammy Awards will take place on December 9th, 2013.

Who will win at the Slammy Awards? Which categories and awards will be presented this year?

Spoilers for the 2013 Slammy Awards and the results and winners will be posted here. In the mean time, let's open it up for predictions!

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WWE has not announced the categories or nominees, but for now, we can speculate that many of the same awards from last year will carry over. This information will be changed as soon as WWE announces more.

Superstar of the Year (presenter: Shawn Michaels)

NOMINEES: John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Brock Lesnar

PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan should win it and hopefully, will. I don't know why Brock Lesnar is in this mix, as he's only wrestled two matches this year. That's pretty ridiculous.

RESULT: Daniel Bryan

REVIEW: Damn right.

Insult of the Year (presenter: The Miz)

NOMINEES: Stephanie McMahon insults Big Show, AJ Lee goes off on Total Divas, Paul Heyman's insults toward CM Punk, Zeb Colter's insults

PREDICTION: AJ Lee going off on the Total Divas cast should win this

RESULT: Stephanie McMahon insults Big Show

REVIEW: Meh...I'm indifferent.

Extreme Moment of the Year (presenter: Mick Foley)

NOMINEES: The Shield triple powerbombs The Undertaker on Smackdown, Ryback spears John Cena through the LED light board at Extreme Rules, Punk exacts vengeance on Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell, The Wyatts crush Kane at SummerSlam

PREDICTION: These are all pretty tame, I think. Very disappointing. I guess this will go to the LED spot.

RESULT: Punk exacts vengeance on Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell

REVIEW: I don't know about you guys that voted, but I wasn't impressed with this.

Double-Cross of the Year (presenters: The Shield)

NOMINEES: Triple H pedigrees Daniel Bryan allowing Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Shawn Michaels superkicks Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell, Mark Henry feigns retirement before attacking John Cena, Paul Heyman betrays CM Punk at WWE Money in the Bank

PREDICTION: I would go with Mark Henry on John Cena, but they'll probably go with Triple H on Daniel Bryan or if there's already a bunch of awards for that situation, I could very easily see them giving this to Paul Heyman just to shed some light on that.

RESULT: Shawn Michaels superkicks Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell

REVIEW: I loved the Mark Henry thing, so that's disappointing, but at least this wasn't given to Heyman and Punk

This is Awesome Moment of the Year

NOMINEES: Dolph Ziggler cashing in his briefcase, Big Show knocking out Triple H, Kofi Kingston leaping out of the ring at the Royal Rumble without being eliminated, Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title

PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship would make sense, but all of these were fun to watch, so I'd be okay with any of them winning. However, Big Show knocking out Triple H will be a bit disappointing, as the other three are much better in my mind.

RESULT: Big Show knocks out Triple H

REVIEW: That was a shame. This shouldn't have won.

Diva of the Year (presenter: Eve)

NOMINEES: AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Eva Marie

PREDICTION: I have a sneaking suspicion that they're going to give this to Eva Marie, or she'll just accept it and there won't actually be a winner announced. It should go to AJ Lee, if this were real, but of course, it's scripted.

RESULT: The Bella Twins

REVIEW: Without Total Divas, this would have gone to AJ Lee for sure. Their acceptance speech was a little awkward, wasn't it?

LOL Moment of the Year (presenters: New Age Outlaws)

NOMINEES: The Rock Concert at the 20th Anniversary of Raw, Vickie Guerrero is fired as Raw GM, Titus O'Neil throws up, Great Khali and Jinder Mahal try to charm Santino's cobra

PREDICTION: Ugh...this is a fail no matter what. My guess is they'll give it to Titus O'Neil

RESULT: The Rock

REVIEW: Makes sense. This was funny and a lot of the others...well...weren't.

Match of the Year (presenter: Bret Hart)

NOMINEES: Undertaker vs. CM Punk (WrestleMania), John Cena vs. The Rock (WrestleMania, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (Battleground), Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules)

PREDICTION: Very surprised they didn't add Daniel Bryan vs John Cena on here. I'd love to see Goldust & Cody Rhodes win, but I expect it to be John Cena vs The Rock.

RESULT: John Cena vs The Rock

REVIEW: ...I disagree, but oh well.

Trending Now Award (Hashtag of the Year)

NOMINEES: #BestForBusiness, #BelieveInTheShield, #FollowTheBuzzards, #WeThePeople

PREDICTION: This is pretty dumb. It's just catch phrases instead of funny obscure ones. I guess "best for business" will win.

RESULT: #BelieveInTheShield

REVIEW: The Shield's super popular, what are you gonna do? Makes sense.

Beard of the Year

NOMINEES: Daniel Bryan, Zeb Colter, Damien Sandow, The Wyatt Family

PREDICTION: Last year, they had the "facial hair of the year" award, and I'm really surprised that they went ahead and did this again. Daniel Bryan is the clear and obvious choice.

RESULT: Daniel Bryan

REVIEW: This was obvious.

Fan Participation of the Year (presenters: The Prime Time Players)

NOMINEES: Fandango-ing, Yes! Yes! Yes!, Let's go Cena / Cena sucks!, What's Up

PREDICTION: Well, we know for sure it can't be "What's Up". It obviously should go to Fandango-ing. The night after WrestleMania was nuts.

RESULT: Daniel Bryan's "yes" chant

REVIEW: You can't deny how much that has caught on

Breakout Star of the Year

NOMINEES: Big E Langston, The Shield, Fandango, The Wyatt Family

PREDICTION: Big E Langston could win, but that's a heavy hurdle getting over The Shield

RESULT: The Shield

REVIEW: This was a pretty obvious choice, particularly as they gave them that random "rookies of the year" award before as well.

The following are web-exclusive Slammy Awards:

"What a Maneuver!" Award

NOMINEES: Running knee strike (Daniel Bryan), Black Widow (AJ Lee), Spear (Roman Reigns), Cesaro Swing (Antonio Cesaro)

PREDICTION: Either the spear or the Cesaro Swing should win.


REVIEW: After that performance at Survivor Series, Roman Reigns deserves some recognition

Faction of the Year

NOMINEES: The Shield, The Wyatt Family, The Real Americans, 3MB

PREDICTION: C'mon. The Shield.

RESULT: The Shield

REVIEW: Obvious.

"You Still Got It!" (Best Superstar Return) of the Year

NOMINEES: Rob Van Dam, Goldust, The Bella Twins, Bruno Sammartino, Chris Jericho

PREDICTION: My guess is Jericho wins and if not him, Sammartino or Goldust. It depends on which type of person votes. If the fans vote in general, Jericho gets it. If only the fans that love history do, Sammartino. And if the fans that only go with who they see on a regular basis vote, Goldust wins. Bellas and RVD won't win.

RESULT: Goldust

REVIEW: Kudos to Goldust! He's been doing great.

Couple of the Year

NOMINEES: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Fandango & Summer Rae, Tyson Kidd & Natalya, Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella, John Cena & Nikki Bella, Naomi & Jimmy Uso

PREDICTION: This....I have no idea. I have no one that I could say will win over the others, except that Naomi and Jimmy won't win.

RESULT: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

REVIEW: I don't quite get it...but ok.

Tag Team of the Year

NOMINEES: The Shield, The Prime Time Players, The Usos, Cody Rhodes & Goldust, The Real Americans

PREDICTION: As much as Rollins and Reigns were the most important, let's give some credit to The Usos. They've done better this year than ever. They won't win over The Shield, but hey guys, I appreciate it.

RESULT: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

REVIEW: I don't think they should have won by any means over The Shield.

Feat of Strength of the Year

NOMINEES: Antonio Cesaro swings The Great Khali, Ryback Shell Shocks Mark Henry, The Shield Triple Powerbombs Big Show, Mark Henry pulls two trucks with his bare hands

PREDICTION: Give it to Cesaro's swing. That was fun. If not that, Henry's truck pull deserves it.

RESULT: Mark Henry pulls two trucks with his bare hands

REVIEW: It's hard to argue against something like that

"Say What?!" Quote of the Year

NOMINEES: "Paul, say something stupid" - Brock Lesnar, "Rise above THIS" - Damien Sandow, "One stipulation: I'm in my boys' corner and I'll be your huckleberry all night long" - Dusty Rhodes, the Paulcano eruption

PREDICTION: I don't know...but I"d go with Brock Lesnar's quote

RESULT: Dusty Rhodes

REVIEW: I'm still not sure what this means, haha.

Best Dance Moves of the Year

NOMINEES: Fandango, R-Truth, Summer Rae, The Funkadactyls, The Great Khali, Miz-co Inferno

PREDICTION: I'd go with Summer Rae. Please, don't vote for Khali.

RESULT: The Funkadactyls

REVIEW: The Fandangos were robbed

Favorite Web Show of the Year

NOMINEES: WWE Inbox, 30-Second Fury, The JBL & Cole Show, WWE Top 10

PREDICTION: I personally like Inbox the best, but I could see JBL & Cole winning

RESULT: The JBL & Cole Show


Best Crowd of the Year

NOMINEES: Raw after WrestleMania 29 (East Rutherford, NJ), WWE Payback (Chicago), SummerSlam (Los Angeles), Raw in England (London, Apr 22)

PREDICTION: As long as it wasn't Sioux City, Iowa. Jeez. The Raw after WrestleMania crowd should win this.

RESULT: Raw after WrestleMania

REVIEW: They HAD to give it to these guys

Catchphrase of the Year

NOMINEES: "Yes! Yes! Yes!", "That's what I do", "Faaandaango", "Follow the Buzzards", "We the People", "Believe in the Shield"

PREDICTION: I have to say, my favorite of the bunch to say on my own is "that's what I do". Fans will probably vote for "yes".

RESULT: Yes! Yes! Yes!

REVIEW: Clear and obvious choice


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