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Hottest Divas & Knockouts Tournament: Round 3, Matches 153-160

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Who are the sexiest wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? We are now on ROUND 3 of the tournament with matches #153-160. First thing's first, here are your results from panel 1 for Round 3:

Mickie James beat Ashley Massaro | Lacey Von Erich beat Torrie Wilson
Eve Torres beat Cameron Haven | Stephanie McMahon beat Trinity
Maryse beat Kimberly Page | JT Tinney beat Madison Rayne
Candice Michelle beat Melina | Trish Stratus beat Beth Phoenix

So here's the next set of matches for you to vote on!

Francine Fournier vs Miss Jackie Gayda Haas

ECW Francine Nude Topless WWE Jackie Gayda Hot Bikini

Francine vs Jackie Gayda

[THOUGHTS: Francine's been performing pretty strongly in the tournament so far, but Jackie Gayda's outlasted Krissy Vaine, who was able to upset Velvet Sky. Does that mean Jackie's got a really loyal fan base or that people were just really opposed to Velvet Sky? It's up to Francine to be the decision maker when it comes to that.]

Carmella DeCesare vs Beulah McGillicutty (Trisa Hayes)

Sexy Carmella DeCesare Nude Playboy WWE ECW Beulah Bikini Sexy

Carmella DeCesare vs Beulah McGillicutty

[THOUGHTS: This tournament's about attractiveness, not contributions to the wrestling world. Carmella's a model, she beats out Beulah in my book.]

Maxine (Karlee Perez) vs Marlena (Terri Runnels)

WWE Maxine Naked Karlee Perez WWE Terri Runnels Hot Marlena Nude

Maxine vs Marlena

[THOUGHTS: Never was the biggest fan of Maxine, that's why I have a different matchup for Marlena down below. Obviously with that in mind, Marlena gets my vote.]

Stacy Keibler vs Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka)

WWE Stacy Keibler Topless Sexy Naked WWE Rosa Mendes Bikini Hot Milena Roucka Nude

Stacy Keibler vs Rosa Mendes

[THOUGHTS: Rosa seems to have people that never fully commit to liking or disliking her. I hear a lot of people say on an off day she looks bad and on a good day she's smoking hot. Stacy Keibler on the other hand, most people just constantly praise. I'd be surprised if Rosa upsets her here.]

Miss Tessmacher Brooke Adams vs Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin)

WWE Brooke Adams Nude Hot Sexy Naked Celeste Bonin Nude Hot Sexy

Brooke Adams vs Kaitlyn

[THOUGHTS: Two people that have their detractors and their supporters. Can the Hooters girl beat out the fitness model? My vote goes to Brooke. I'm not as big of a fan of muscles.]

Bella Twin Nikki Bella (Nicole Garcia) vs Christy Hemme

WWE Bella Twins Hot Nikki Bella Christy Hemme Hot Playboy

Nikki Bella vs Christy Hemme

[THOUGHTS: The Bella twins have strong supporters (their "Bella Army"...allow me to roll my eyes for a minute) but Christy Hemme's got a loyal section of votes as well. I would assume Nikki Bella gets the win here, but I doubt it would be a landslide.]

Gail Kim vs Crystal Louthan

TNA Gail Kim Hot Nude Bikini TNA Crystal Nude Hot

Gail Kim vs Crystal Louthan

[THOUGHTS: This one is tough. They're both on the TNA side of things but Gail is more popular. Crystal's had some good votes going for her and a lot of people tend to be voting based on her type of body style. Very tough call.]

Layla El vs Bella Twin Brie Bella (Brianna Garcia)

WWE Layla El Nude Flawless Brie Bella Bikini Summer Skin

Layla El vs Brie Bella

[THOUGHTS: As previously mentioned, the Bella twins have popularity on their side and the twin factor. However, Layla is currently the Divas champ and I never really hear anyone speak badly about her in terms of attractiveness. This could be a close one, but I would guess Layla comes out on top.]

Since I have a second bracket of solely my votes for you guys to see, we differ sometimes. Everything above is the same except the following matches below:

Francine Fournier vs Velvet Sky

ECW Francine Nude Topless Sexy Velvet Sky Topless Boobs Tits

My vote went to Velvet Sky. I really was surprised when she lost the first round and I totally don't see why. She's a possible contender to go all the way for my brackets.

Lena Yada vs Marlena (Terri Runnels)

Sexy Lena Yada Naked Topless Tits Sexy Marlena Nude Terri Runnels Hot

My vote went to Marlena. Used to be a big fan of her back in the day when she was Marlena (hence why I refer to her as that more so than Terri Runnels). As creepy as Goldust was, Marlena was the total opposite.

Simona Fusco vs Christy Hemme

Topless Simona Fusco Hot Nude Christy Hemme Bikini Hot

My vote went to Simona Fusco. Look at that picture. Nuff said.

Gail Kim vs Brooke Gilbertsen

Hot Gail Kim Nude WWE Divas Search Brooke Gilbertsen Hot Bikini

My vote hasn't been decided yet, but I'm leaning towards Brooke Gilbertsen. Chances are, I'll end up going with her. I wanted her to win the Divas Search instead of Eve - but thankfully Eve did as she's proven herself a good worker.



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