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Wrestling Smack Talk: 3/17/2012

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, March 17, 2012
What's been going on this week in the world of professional wrestling? It's time to break it down in the latest edition of SMACK TALK, my wrestling podcast and the quick notes below. Make sure to subscribe, comment on the videos and this post, and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Money in the Bank has been moved to June 17th, while the July 15th ppv is now No Way Out, despite how they keep saying that MITB might possibly be at SummerSlam for Wade Barrett to win and then face CM Punk. Jesus, WWE, stick to a plan already. As you can tell, I'm not bothering to update my 2012 WWE PPV schedule until they stick to something for more than a week. Also, why is No Way Out being used in something other than Elimination Chamber? I hope for their sake it isn't a cage match gimmick ppv because we already have the chamber as well as Hell in a Cell. Don't saturate the market, WWE.
  • Balls Mahoney threw up after having a match with Marty Jannetty wherein Marty hit him in the head with a chair, square on. Yeah...that's safe. Then again, can you expect much more from a guy that goes by the name of Balls and looks like...well...the way Balls Mahoney looks? I hope these guys don't continue doing this as they'll kill themselves.
  • Jacob Novak wants to get back in WWE as he claims an injury caused his release. He also says he made $500 per week at FCW. Ouch.
  • Brodus Clay comes back after losing weight. Guess that means the reports of him being "unsafe to work with" really meant "fat". 
  • MGK will perform at WrestleMania. WHY?!? They're already going to waste so much time as it is. They should just make Mania 5 hours because we know that at least one and a half hours of it will be elongated entrances, Rock promos, vignettes, and commercials. Ugh.
  • Jim Neidhart was arrested for contempt of court and may face several months jail time.
  • Eric Bischoff ruffled some feathers when he said on Twitter: "Just had a beer here in Nashville. Bartender asked me I worked for the boss 'Jeremy Borash.' When I asked 'WTF' that was supposed to mean, I was told emphatically that Jeremy has represented himself as an 'owner' of TNA. Jeremy is a low rent bit player who should be fortunate he has a job."
  • One year sober for Billy Gunn. Congrats!
  • Don't forget to vote on the first group of matches for the hottest divas & knockouts tournament!


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