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Wrestling Smack Talk: 2/11/2012

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, February 11, 2012
What's been going on this week in the world of professional wrestling? It's time to break it down in the latest edition of SMACK TALK, my wrestling podcast and the quick notes below. Make sure to subscribe, comment on the videos and this post, and let us know your thoughts.

Watch each part of EPISODE 15 below:
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  • Did WWE rip off Colt Cabana with their "Are You Serious" show on their YouTube channel? Hm...
  • Some of these WWE YouTube shows are apparently so bad they'll never air. And yet, the Usos cooking one did...
  • Drew McIntyre is being referred to as "The Arrogant Playboy" and might receive a new gimmick - or it's possibly just one of many new nicknames apparently being thrown out there by BOK Center such as Ted "Man of the People" DiBiase, "Gusty" Daniel Bryan, "Simply Grand" Natalya, "Vindictive Leader" Hunico, "Twisted and Tormented" Cody Rhodes, and "Malevolent" Wade Barrett. For the record, the only one of those I like is the DiBiase one.
  • CM Punk tossed his shirt to a kid in the crowd at a Wichita, Kansas live event, but a man grabbed the shirt instead. Punk then went out of his way to get a shirt for the kid. Very nice. I like to hear that stuff. Phil Brooks wins a lot of brownie points in my book for doing that.
  • Eve Torres breaks her nose, R-Truth has that injury spot, there seemed to be some audio screw ups...what was wrong with Raw this week?
  • There's heat on Miz for the Truth spot and he apparently was chewed out in front of the other wrestlers backstage. This is a shame, as Miz is someone who should be a main eventer the way he was this time last year, but I'm assuming the grand total of this whole thing will be that he gets shortchanged for a few months with WrestleMania, possibly gets drafted to Smackdown, and then he's back on top again soon enough. 
  • Wade Barrett is getting a lot of people that agree with me that his new theme song is a terrible fit for him. He tweeted "If people keep telling me how much they hate my new music, I'll change it. I REALLY respect the opinion of other people. I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than hear End of Days again." Personally, I thought that worked really well for him AND I like the song myself, but I just don't think this new one fits him in the slightest bit. If he were a babyface...MAYBE...maybe... 
  • Chris Jericho says on Twitter "Funny how some of u never stop complaining and think u know it all. Just sit back and enjoy the ride…you’ll have a lot more fun!" - I hate that phrase so much. If you could sit back and enjoy it, you would, but the problem is that you aren't enjoying it. You can't argue that if you don't like what food you have on your plate for dinner to just eat it and like it.


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