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Ask Him #2

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The following are some questions I've been asked via the Ask Him! contact on the site. Feel free to send some more!

Future installments of this may be included in the Smack Talk audio show on YouTube. Stay tuned!

Q: Do you prefer Cena or Orton? And what's your view on Sheamus, is he growing on you yet?

A: If I'm given a choice of who I'd like to see in a match, I'd go with Orton. I like his character more and I think he's better in the ring (particularly this year). Still, if I were running WWE, there's no doubt in my mind that John Cena would be my top guy. It's just good business. I think Cena gets unfair criticism both positive and negative. Too many people give him a free pass on the wrestling just because "he doesn't need to do flips to get over", but too many people criticize him too hard thinking that his matches are always on par with the worst of all time. / When it comes to Sheamus, I've warmed up to him for the most part by now. I still think he doesn't deserve to be a 2x world champ and he was rushed, but he's at the level right now that I buy into him being a main eventer and I enjoy him. If you'd replace those 2 world titles with 2 midcard titles, then I'd think that he'd be at the level right now that I'd be ok with him winning his first world title. He's still not one of my favorites, but I do like him more, I do see his value, and I hope he continues to improve.

Q: Who do you think will win the rumble at this point and who do you think will go into mania as the champions?

A: Assuming Chris Jericho is the person who returns on January 2nd, I'd have to go with him. The only possibilities I can see other than him are Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and maybe Wade Barrett. I didn't see Daniel Bryan winning the title before, so that threw me for a loop, and now I have to readjust what I think WrestleMania might be. However, I'd expect CM Punk and someone else, NOT Daniel Bryan, to go into Mania as the champions. Who that other person is, I don't know.

Q: What match is that sound clip you used for Smack Talk's pinfall?

A: That's the final pin of the Iron Man match from WrestleMania XII between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. I used that not only for the clear sound of it and because it's McMahon counting (on commentary, not in the ring of course) but also because it's one of my favorite matches of all time between two of my top five favorites.

Q: When are you going to put Smack Talk on iTunes?

A: As soon as I can, trust me. I don't use iTunes so I'm not the slightest bit familiar with any of their policies or the program itself, and I need to look into that and figure out the best possible means of doing this before I botch it. I'm hoping to have it up there very, very soon.

Q: Why don't you cover ROH or anything else but WWE and TNA?

A: Two reasons. First, I simply don't have the time. Between what I already do here and my duties elsewhere with my other projects, I don't even have enough time to sleep properly let alone watch other promotions. Second, the bits and pieces I've seen from them haven't been interesting enough to force me to find that time. That's not me knocking them as being awful or anything, as I haven't watched enough of them to give that generalized of a statement, but I just haven't been witness to anything good enough to make me consider it a necessity. I'm looking to expand Smark Out Moment, though, and if you're someone who might want to cover this stuff for me, use that contact form and let me know.

For this second edition, I'm going to add a new little thing here and ask YOU a few questions that I'd like to get your responses back from. You can send me your answers in the comments below or through the contact form if you'd like to keep it between us:

1. What new segments and features would you like to see on the site?
2. What are some things you'd like to see out of Smack Talk that aren't currently being done (outside of iTunes, which I'm working on)?
3. Do you use the search bars on the page, and if so, which one do you use more - the Google one on the very top or the one above the email feed submission?


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