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Wrestling Smack Talk: 11/26/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, November 26, 2011
What's been going on this week in the world of professional wrestling? It's time to break it down in the latest edition of SMACK TALK, my wrestling podcast and the quick notes below. Make sure to subscribe, comment on the videos and this post, and let us know your thoughts.

Watch each part of EPISODE 5 below:
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  • ItBegins2012 eh? Hm...check out speculation and updates here
  • Matt Hardy failed a breathalyzer test and is now facing EVEN MORE trouble. He gets kicked out of the rehab that is supposed to be helping him out...good lord. Reby Sky tweeted that she needs to stop asking herself if it can get any worse because it does. Newsflash: Matt's got problems he needs to deal with. This WILL continue to get worse until he actually deals with them, and cheating at rehab isn't the way to go about it. At least she apparently has the sense, as she claims, to refuse to pay his bail and keep him in jail instead. That's one positive - that she isn't just making up an excuse for him. I don't know what it was that put Matt on this downward spiral, but man...
  • After John Cena tweeted that he thought John Morrison didn't deserve the US title match over Zack Ryder, Morrison fired back saying "You should know better than anyone, sometimes deserve’s got nothing to do with it. No disrespect Cena, but if you really think Zack deserves a match at MSG all you need to do is text your buddy @WWERAWGM and he will get one". Ouch. John Morrison is thought to be going to TNA soon, after taking a small break to work on non-wrestling projects. I'm still hoping that there's a chance he stays, but naturally, I don't expect him to considering all we've seen and heard.
  • R-Truth has been suspended and it seems as though he was the "other party" that was caught with the fake marijuana at the same time Evan Bourne did. The lack of a suspension on his part sparked some controversy since Bourne was suspended, but it appears as though they did the smart thing and had him work for their pay-per-view (so as to not hurt themselves) and THEN suspended him. I'm not sure why they didn't have Truth take the pin in the Survivor Series match, though. Maybe Miz requested that he be pinned by Rock?
  • Sin Cara supposedly suffered a ruptured patellar tendon and is expected to be out for quite a long time. I guess there goes the Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio feud at WrestleMania, unfortunately.
  • CM Punk has been vocal about his dislike of Rock returning, saying he doesn't say hello to people and just goes from his dressing room to the stage. Without naming Punk, Rock has talked about how the people voicing their dislike of his return are insecure and jealous.
  • JBL talked about Marc Mero, calling him a piece of shit and saying he sucks as a wrestler and a human being.


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