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Saturday Smack Talk: 10/1/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, October 1, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • Ted DiBiase has a new YouTube idea wherein he'll tailgate with fans before shows and the biggest party will win 4 tickets to WrestleMania. You can check him out on YouTube at TheDiBiasePosse. At first, I laughed at that name, but it instantly grew on me and now I love it, and I think this idea is pretty neat. Good for Ted. I hope it's a success. 
  • This week was said to be a "Happy Vince" week, compared to the last week where he was super pissed that Del Rio mentioned his name on Raw. 
  • Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI in Tampa with a blood alcohol level of .18, supposedly. I hope we don't start hearing from John Fatu (Uso's real name) that he was framed by the police, haha.
  • WWE has released Nunzio, again. Why bother releasing him when he's just a referee, especially when Armstrong is hurt and Chioda is suspended?
  • They also released Wes Brisco, son of Gerald Brisco, from FCW. I haven't really seen any of his work, so I can't say whether or not I'd be surprised from a talent perspective, but I am surprised when it comes to backstage clout, seeing as how high up his father was in the company. Without him and Brett DiBiase, it seems like that season of NXT with the fathers/sons isn't going to be working out.
  • Hulk Hogan has dropped the asking price for his mansion. They say its worth around 5 million, but he was originally asking for 25 million. I've got like a thousand bucks if you want it, Hulk - and with the current state of TNA, you might need it. I've always wanted a 17,000 square foot mansion.
  • Dolph Ziggler talked about how people compare him to Mr. Perfect, and thankfully, he pointed out why - because of his hair and his entrance music. I'm a big fan of both Hennig and Ziggler, but it annoys me when people say "Ziggler is the next Mr. Perfect". Their gimmicks aren't exactly the same and if he went back to the short, black hair, and his old generic music, nobody would be drawing comparisons. If anything, I'd think that Ziggler is more like Jeff Jarrett (post-country singer gimmick), but that's a stretch as well. Ziggler's doing his own thing, and it's working.
  • Supposedly, the real reason that Matt Hardy is going to rehab is because it was a choice between that and a much higher financial cost. Great. That just means it isn't genuine and he'll go back to his normal ways right afterward, most likely. Oh well, there's only so much you can do before the ball is in someone else's court - sometimes literally.


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