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Saturday Smack Talk: 9/3/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, September 3, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • Ezekiel Jackson was trending on Twitter after he did his Torture Rack to Khali. This should have been mentioned on last week's Smack Talk but I've been dealing with a power outage and a completely destroyed basement (which was where my computer was located) so I wasn't able to update all Saturday last week. Nonetheless, that was pretty cool, Zeke picking Khali up like that.
  • Kaitlyn said on Twitter that she hates her generic entrance music. To be honest, I didn't even know she had any music. The only times on Smackdown that she came out that I can remember, she came out to AJ's music, Natalya's music, or she was already in the ring. But generic music (albeit sometimes awesome on its own accord) usually sucks because of how generic it is. 
  • Kevin Nash was pulled from wrestling at Night of Champions because of a physical he took that showed that he might be a risk if he took a lot of bumps. If this is something that prevents him from wrestling entirely, then that will certainly put a dent in this whole feud and could potentially ruin it.
  • More and more talk about the original Sin Cara being fired and Hunico taking over, but now with the heel turn, I would assume we'd be getting the Sin Cara versus Sin Cara feud that was also talked about before. I guess we'll have to see.
  • Alberto Del Rio is having work visa issues. I guess it's his destiny not to be in the country right now.
  • Kofi Kingston + Evan Bourne = "Air Boom". Meh. They could do better, but they could do worse.
  • Matt Hardy posted a video which seemed like a suicide note. In response, some fans of his called 911 asking for police to check up on him. This has angered Jeff Hardy's wife, who said on Twitter that the joke is over and that Matt should stop trying to "work the internet". If indeed this is all just Matt playing around, I can understand it to a little extent, as sometimes playing around and messing with people is fun, but if he thinks that it's a means to make himself seem more important, he's going about it the wrong way. This would be in comparison to a kid that seeks attention from his abusive parents and instead of being honest about it, he acts up because getting yelled at is better than being ignored. None of this stuff is going to make people think that Matt Hardy is some master manipulator in the pro wrestling world. There's just a lot of pity going around (and concern from his actual devoted fans, which raises up the point that if you're a celebrity of any sort and you have fans that love you, you should not fuck around with them out of respect). 
  • Santino Marella was in a car accident and suffered a separated shoulder. Glad to hear that it wasn't anything more serious. He's lucky.


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