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Saturday Smack Talk: 9/24/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, September 24, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • Check out my article on wrestling crowd signs in the latest edition of the Fair to Flair Quaterly (issue #2)
  • Another installment of the Matt Hardy Arrest Watch. This time, he's been arrested for possession of drugs on top of the intent of selling it (and a bunch of other charges), and his girlfriend Reby Sky has been charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and speeding. She's complaining about reports that say this, and she's trying to say that she was only charged with speeding, but at this point, isn't it just splitting hairs? Does it really matter exactly what charges they keep adding to this family when the point of it all is that they keep getting charges in general? This is just a laundry list of problems. One good thing is that Matt is claiming that he's going to get some WWE-sponsored rehab, and I hope he gets whatever help he needs.
  • Kevin Nash is injured again? This guy has horrible luck with WWE.
  • Edge has apparently given a scholarship to the same school that originally gave him a scholarship that got him into wrestling. Adam Copeland has always seemed like a great guy and this is just another example. 
  • Chavo Guerrero has said that he will boycott watching wrestling if John Cena passes Ric Flair's 16x championship mark. By this point, it's pretty much guaranteed that he will. He's already what, a 12 or 13 time champion? If he's won a dozen world titles in a 6 year span, that's an average of 2 per year. He'll definitely pass Flair's record.
  • Mick Foley teased on Twitter that he'd be a special guest referee at Hell in a Cell. I'm up for it.
  • Jerry Lawler was apparently injured during the spot where Mark Henry slammed him through the announce table on Raw, which naturally upset Mark Henry.  
  • They're thinking about having a Survivor Series team of John Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, Sheamus, and someone else against a heel team led by Del Rio. I think this is a bad idea. Why? Two reasons: 1) Who would be in the WWE championship match?, 2) You know the entire match would just revolve around Cena and Rock with the other people getting buried with quick eliminations so both Rock and Cena could be the last two against the full team of five heels, each one of them eliminating two and then probably turning on each other with the heel team winning. I don't want to see that unless the other people on the team are expendable, and I don't want GOOD people being used as expendable (like a John Morrison, Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, etc). 
  • It seems we might be getting those WWE ice cream bars. Awesome.
  • They're trying to figure out show ideas for the upcoming WWE Network and I've got to say, most of the options they're asking fans about sound terrible to me. A cooking show with Big Show and his wife? Non-wrestling programming? Wrestlers hosting their favorite movies? Come on. I totally understand the point of the live call-in shows and the Sports Center type review shows but I don't think that will necessarily get ratings, nor will reruns of Raw and Smackdown. They're also tossing around the idea that pay-per-views will be on there instead of on ppv, for no extra charge. While in theory, it sounds like a good idea to spend something like 50 bucks a month and get a ppv as well as the other programming, it also comes with a burden: nobody can just order a ppv from their friend's house that doesn't have the channel and watch it? That will kill them. You're far more likely to get someone willing to buy one ppv at random and have friends alter which ppvs they buy at which houses than to tether it constantly to one person's cable bill.


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