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Saturday Smack Talk: 9/17/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, September 17, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • WWE is having problems trademarking the name "Jack Swagger" because of a musician that uses the same name. Take the opportunity, WWE, and just freaking call him Jake Hager already.
  • Matt Hardy was arrested for another DWI, and just like Kurt Angle did last week, Matt is claiming that he was framed.
  • After No Surrender, Gunner decided to continually complain to any criticism, saying "suck it dirt sheets and fat computer marks at home". He then continued his diatribe, repeating the "fat computer marks" phrase and acting like he did something out of the ordinary and revolutionary. Whenever someone does this, I find it hilarious, because it not only negates the "we don't read the internet posts" lines that they spit out, but the fact that every time one of these wrestlers gets pissed at someone not liking their work, they immediately run to this concept that generalizing the IWC is the way to go. The fat comments are funny because it's such a clear callback to when children fight with each other and instead of arguing points and facts, they just call each other poopy-head. The "mark" designation is funny because everyon throws this term around AND "smark". If a mark is supposed to be a fan of the product that buys into the storylines you're trying to sell, is that not a good thing and what you're trying to accomplish? Also, you can't be both a mark and a smark at the same time, and if you're neither then you're not watching the product. Gunner says "the so called message boards don't mean crap to me". (Note: So-called? That's what they're called. That's like me saying "I went to cash a check at the so-called bank") And again, if it means absolutely nothing to you, why are you going on about it? I just find stuff like this to be hilarious and I hope Gunner reads this. I'd gladly interview him if he's up for it so we can clear some of this stuff up, but then again, I'm not fat, so maybe I'm exempt, right? :)
  • Similarly, Tamina responded to criticism on Twitter, saying "Thanks to my fans but to the haters and losers alike today is a special day in your miserable lives". Again, miserable? Can't someone just dislike what someone does without being a fat miserable person? I'm not a fan of Papa Johns pizza, so does that mean I've got issues, or does it mean I just don't like it? C'mon, people.
  • Rosa Mendes has been criticizing AJ on Twitter (oh my, that must mean she's fat and miserable! Haha) saying that she doesn't look like a diva. I'm not buying it being real. WWE has used Twitter to address things in-character in the past and I can't see Rosa feeling like she has a strong enough foothold in the company to take the risk of airing out legitimate dirty laundry on a social networking platform. If it is real, then who cares - AJ is fucking adorable.
  • CM Punk in an interview said he's running out of goals and mentioned three that are left: wining the United States title, main eventing WrestleMania, and winning a Royal Rumble. For my point of view, I'm personally hoping that the Rock/Cena match is NOT for the championship, and instead, the Miz goes into WrestleMania as the champion and faces the Royal Rumble winner, CM Punk. 
  • Billy Gunn wrote to Dolph Ziggler on Twitter, saying "I think your doing a great job. Big fan of your work" to which Ziggler replied "Thanks a lot, was always a big fan of yours!" I was glad to see this, as Ziggler is one of my current favorites and I can't remember a time that I didn't enjoy Billy Gunn
  • Chris Masters has said that he isn't sure why JTG is still employed while he isn't. I agree to an extent and disagree to an extent. While I'm not the biggest JTG supporter (though I don't think he's God awful either), he offers one thing that Masters doesn't: a different character that has to do with ethnicity. There's already a bunch of generic white guys in WWE so JTG stands out because of that. That being said, I think they missed out on having Cryme Tyme be a multi-time tag team championship duo which would have helped JTG's career out and given him more to do solo down the line, same for Shad, but I still would rather them figure out someone else to put on the roster if they can, as it's obvious JTG isn't going to be given a push in the future. 
  • Rima Fakih has said that WWE no longer seems interested in her. Good. I wasn't interested in her in any way from the beginning. 
  • WWE wants the Rock to wrestle at Survivor Series. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the WrestleMania match? The way I see it, they should have Rock interfere in some way, but not wrestle. Then there's this to take a look at:


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