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Saturday Smack Talk: 9/10/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, September 10, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

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  • Kevin Nash's "release"? Psh. I'll believe it when I see him off TV for months.
  • Curt Hawkins has decided to stop his beard protest for not being on Raw and is looking for a new protest. That's a shame. I was looking forward to him growing a Mike Knox. He was on this week's Raw, however, in a quick backstage segment with Tyler Reks where it seems as though they're forming a tag team. To be perfectly honest, I would rather WWE just release the two of them and let them work the independents where they could do something. I have no faith that they'll actually put any thought into Reks and Hawkins so if they're going to be an afterthought at best, we all know how it'll end up and sticking there will be a waste of time. That being said, since neither guy is doing anything, they might as well tag them up. I'm all for making more tag teams out of the people that aren't being focused on as singles competitors.
  • Kurt Angle has been arrested (again) for a DUI. Maybe everyone in TNA is getting arrested from fighting and DUI/DWIs because they realize how bad the product is, haha. Kurt is claiming that he was framed for it and also that his blood alcohol level was .02 lower than the limit.
  • Matt Hardy is claiming that he's now retired because of hip problems and that he wants to do some help with suicidal people. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Speaking of the Hardy boys, Jeff Hardy has been sentenced to serve 10 days in jail, 30 months probation, and has to pay a $100,000 fine from his previous drug arrest.
  • Mick Foley was asked if he's thought about being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame and suggested that in 2013, at Madison Square Garden, it'd be a good idea for him to be inducted then. I'm 100% in support of not only Foley in the Hall of Fame, but being inducted in New York. I think they'd be more likely to do it in 2014, though, as WrestleMania 28 is 2012, 29 is 2013, and for WrestleMania 30 they'd want to bring it back to where it all began. My favorite outcome would be Toronto for next year's WM, then MSG for 2014 and Undertaker wrestling his retirement match there as well. That way, they could do a Foley/Undertaker segment reflecting on their careers, as I always tie those two together in my mind. We'll see...but in regards to Foley in the HOF? Total support. Foley's a legend and on top of that, a great person. To say he deserves it is an understatement.
  • "There is talk that the current season of WWE NXT will be ending soon." - For fuck's sake, it better! This season has been so horrible that I haven't been able to watch it for almost half of it. I struggled through the first half and then it just got even worse. They should have ended this months ago - or better yet, never done "the reject season" to begin with.
  • In an interview, CM Punk spoke on his dislike of the current WWE title design, saying he would like it to go back to the 'winged eagle' title - then pointed out the redundancy of it. I could not agree more. That title was by far the best in my opinion (second place going to the one that followed it which resembles the current Intercontinental belt design; by proxy, I think the best IC title design was the squared one).
  • There's talk of a Best of Three series between Rock and Cena. I'm kind of 50/50 about that. I think if they do more than the one match, it could cheapen it and nobody would care, but at the same time, if the first match is good, then of course a second and third match would be welcome.
  • Linda McMahon is expected to run for Senate again. Ugh. 


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