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Saturday Smack Talk: 7/30/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, July 30, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • Daniel Bryan posted a funny video on YouTube about his social networking sites that you can watch here.
  • Cody Rhodes was at Comic Con putting paper bags on people (and action figures). Great idea on their part as it not only helps Cody get over and gives WWE some publicity but Cody's said before that he's a big comic book fan (his current character partially being inspired by Dr. Doom and Mr. Sinister) so I'm sure he had a blast there.
  • Ezekiel Jackson had some trouble getting into the arena for a Smackdown house show this week as security didn't recognize him. What I don't get is how these people had no trouble recognizing agents and other crew that aren't even on TV, but they couldn't recognize the Intercontinental champion who is one of the biggest guys in the company physically. Ace job, security team haha.
  • Santino Marella's nose apparently was broken during his match with the tag champs for Superstars.  
  • It seems as though Michael Tarver is accusing John Cena of purposely injuring him out of fear that he could surpass Cena's spot on the roster. Then again, it's hard to tell exactly what Tarver said on Twitter, because it's all so horribly written with amazing grammatical errors that you'd need to get someone to decipher it. If that's indeed what he's saying, of course I can't speak for whether or not it's true, but I can't see that being the case or else Cena would have been injuring a lot of other, more important people along the way. Tarver was decent on the mic but he in no way was a threat to Cena's spot on the roster, absolutely not.
  • Alberto Del Rio has horrible luck when it comes to the world titles. He was originally scheduled to win the belt from Edge at Royal Rumble but they changed that to him winning the RR itself. Then there was talk he might win it at Elimination Chamber. Then at WrestleMania. Then at Extreme Rules. Then he wins Money in the Bank and is supposed to cash in that night but doesn't. Then they decide not to have him cash in on Raw. Now he isn't getting his SummerSlam match. Ouch. 8th time's the charm?
  • Plans to turn Sheamus into a babyface? I don't know how they're going to pull that off. Then again, that doesn't mean it can't be done. I'd rather see him tag team with Drew McIntyre though. He did receive a decent reaction when he came out to fight Henry (though of course, with that being taped, it could have just been edited in there).
  • In an interview with the Score, John Morrison said (amongst other things) that he sometimes catches himself singing his theme song at random times [can't blame him, it's a good song] and he thinks it would be a good idea with his character change for them to do a cover of the song and give it a more rough edge to it. I agree to an extent. His character's changed enough beyond the gimmick where it doesn't seem like the same exact vibe, but at the same time, I love that entrance, so they'd have to figure out a way to incorporate that or somehow top it. 
  • I give HHH a lot of flack sometimes but I'll give him this, WWE programming has been on the ball lately and I'm REALLY enjoying the COO storyline and what he's done so far with it. His promos have been genuinely hilarious (in my opinion) and it's very fun to watch. Keep it up, Creative/HHH/Vince/etc!!!


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