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Saturday Smack Talk: 7/23/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Chavo Guerrero criticized John Cena for phoning in his matches and not performing as well as he could. He pointed out that the fans boo Cena because he never changes anything up in the ring and the character itself never changes either. This is exactly what people have been saying for years and I was surprised that Chavo had the stones to say it, but glad that he did, because that means that it isn't just the "10% IWC fans that nobody cares about" that people like to accuse that are the ones thinking this. Some are saying that Chavo should eat his words because of the Punk/Cena match. I disagree. I think the match was riddled with botches and that Cena especially looked out of it. I don't lash out at Cena as much as others do, but I do agree that I'm tired of the same match over and over again, and though the Punk match had SOME things slightly different about it, that doesn't excuse botched bulldogs and so forth. Could I go out and do better? Absolutely not. I'd be some weird hybrid of Hornswoggle and Khali at the same time. But still, just because you can't do it better doesn't mean someone else escapes criticism when they do it bad.
  • Anyone else not give a shit about that WWE title tournament on Raw because they knew exactly which people would win and in what way they'd win right from the first shot of the bracket? Yeah, I was hoping anybody would beat Rey just to prove me wrong and not require me to sit through a Mysterio title reign.
  • Supposedly, Vince came out and yelled at the crowd for being too dead during the Kofi/Del Rio match. If that's true, that's not going to really work, but if they did it just to get some extra heat for Vince in character then I'm game for it.
  • Speaking of that, why didn't they have Bourne against Swagger, with Swagger losing to Rey afterward? With Swagger vs Truth, the fans didn't know who to cheer, and it kind of kills the conspiracy thing, which Truth could have bitched about if he wasn't in the 8-man tournament. But nope...Bourne is on Superstars again instead. Thanks for showing up at MITB, Evan! We'll reward you with a Primo match on  
  • Then there's that "HHH taking over for Vince" segment. For what it's worth, Sean Waltman says that it's legit. I doubt that, though I would not be surprised to see Vince doing less and HHH doing more. Also, did anyone else get a kick out of the TNA reference Cena threw out there? 
  • So the latest in a long line of people saying a bunch of bullshit on Twitter and then claiming that their account was hacked is Snitsky, who went off on a rant about the Miz and then about the people tweeting in support of Miz. Let's just say I'm not exactly believing it because the claim only happened after he made gay slurs (which I'm sure his agent or whomever would have flipped out about) and if I remember correctly, Snitsky talked trash about the Miz beforehand in some interview. Also, sites are saying that both the whole supposed hacking tweets along with the ones saying that he was hacked originated from an iPhone in the same general area. Time to roll my eyes. 
  • Ken Anderson has said that he doesn't want to still be wrestling in 5 years and he'd like to get into acting. I see nothing wrong in that. You get to an age where you simply can't be wrestling due to the health problems that come along with it and acting is a career that one could potentially take out of wrestling. It probably wasn't the best thing for him to say, considering now people may be less likely to put a lot of effort into pushing him if the return investment isn't worth it, but if you thought Anderson was going to be wrestling into his 60s you were going to be disappointed anyway. 
  • Sin Cara says that the suspension he's been given for the Wellness Policy failure was a false positive. That could be true, it might not be, but either way it looks like Sin Cara's off TV for a while. I don't know exactly how this is going to affect their plans, since it didn't seem like they had many plans anyway, but still, one more hit for Smackdown. 
  • Supposedly they're thinking about slowing Alex Riley's push down a bit due to his match with Miz on Raw. I like Riley a lot and I think he has an amazing future ahead of him as a multi-time WWE champion, but guys, come on, stop pushing people real fast, real far, then after 2 months getting tired of them. The slow pushes are the ones that matter! You've done this longer than I've been alive and you should have figured that out by now. Of course Riley isn't ready to be a top face on a brand, he hasn't even been out of NXT for a year nor has he had any title reigns or singles feuds. Common sense! Put him in a feud with Dolph Ziggler for the US title after he finishes up with the Miz. Or, better yet, have him steamroll Drew McIntyre, then maybe a short feud with Jack Swagger or R-Truth or another midcard heel, then have him beat Dolph Ziggler for the US title.
  • CM Punk crashed in on HHH at Comic Con to say a few things about the WWE title tournament and pushing Zack Ryder on television. You can watch the video here:

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