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Saturday Smack Talk: 7/2/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, July 2, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Tough Enough finalist Luke Robinson and winner Andy Leavine are apparently talking trash to each other a lot. Naturally, I'm fit to believe that this is them trying to keep interest in themselves so the stock rises and they build upon a feud. If it isn't, and it's really just two people bashing each other, they're going to come across very immature to management and screw their chances, so I hope for their sake that that isn't the case.
  • Roddy Piper has said that he would considering taking Drew McIntyre under his wing. Now, if that were to happen, I would be a major supporter of it. I think Drew has potential that he hasn't tapped into yet and Piper could be the one to bring that out.
  • Trevor Murdoch was given a series of tryout matches with WWE recently. Why did they have to give him tryouts if they employed him for years? Wouldn't one match to test if he's out of shape be good enough? Anyway, the potential return didn't happen and he's now saying that he might quit the industry altogether. Honestly, I never thought Trevor Murdoch was a bankable star and I thought he would have made a much better fit on the independent scene rather than WWE. 
  • Tough Enough contestant Michelle Deighton, the woman that split the show to be with her family, has separated from her husband, Jonny Fairplay. Fairplay wished her "the best in her future endeavors" 
  • Randy Orton in an interview talked about how Kelly Kelly has apparently had sex with a number of the roster members. Of course, speculation begins - who was lucky enough? Orton apologized for the comments a few times on Twitter, saying he owed her an apology and that he hopes people will drop the topic for her sake. It's news, so I have to report it and talk about it, but despite how I would want to know which ones were privy to an extreme expose out of sheer curiosity, I agree with Orton that it's an invasion of privacy and we shouldn't be poking the issue. So I'll throw it out there: if you want to tell me in confidence Kelly, shoot me an email in the contact [hey, worth a shot lol], but unless something crazy happens with this, I won't be elaborating on the issue.
  • Of course, everyone is talking about the CM Punk angle. For what it's worth, I'm a fan of it, and I think that promo was the best of the year so far. I don't like the idea of Punk leaving, but if it's a done deal, at least it looks like he's going out with a bang. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed and they were playing up a departure just to swerve us, though.


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