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Saturday Smack Talk: 6/18/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, June 18, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Cody Rhodes has stated that he thinks Twitter is ridiculous (agreed) and that he doesn't have one because he thinks if you have time to tweet about every little thing out there, you're not working hard enough (agreed...hence my low activity on my accounts that are predominantly made up of automatically redirected Facebook statuses). Though I think celebrities having a Twitter account is a good idea in terms of "giving back to the fans" and letting out their true personalities, and I'm a supporter of that because I think we glamorize celebrities too much and don't allow them to just be themselves, I can't fault Cody for not participating in it. I doubt it's because he doesn't want to interact with his fans but more so that he just thinks the process of Twitter isn't the right means to do that. I've liked Cody since he first came into the company, so I'm glad to see that he's got a mature viewpoint on his career. Now if they would just give him the damn Intercontinental championship already...
  • Bill DeMott keeps teasing that he might wrestle for WWE. I wouldn't really want to see it, but I'd like to see him come back for Tough Enough 2.
  • It seems as though WWE's Over the Limit ppv had a terrible of the worst in years. I still maintain that none of these ppv events have been worth 40 bucks to a down economy, but maybe having millions and millions of dollars skews your opinion on that too much and it goes ignored for years...just like how people seem to be ignoring the Cena boos.
  • In the past, Lucky Cannon was arrested for impersonating a police officer. He used to be one, yet apparently didn't pull it off well enough to get away with that. This sounds familiar as he frequently does a poor job trying to impersonate a WWE superstar on NXT. (But hey, he's not as bad as Titus O'Neil).
  • Randy Orton's concussion appears to be a reality, having happened in Spain. His participation at the ppv is in doubt. Things like this could be horrible or a blessing in disguise, depending on how they handle the situation.
  • Speaking of Spain, for some reason, Big Show was performing as the Intercontinental champion against Alberto Del Rio. 
  • Can someone explain to me a valid excuse why WWE didn't have Zack Ryder on Raw?


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