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Saturday Smack Talk: 4/23/11

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, April 23, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Matt Hardy claimed in a YouTube video that Jeff may be retiring soon. Jeff's wife then negated that statement.
  • Mick Foley wants to show up on episode of Raw that lines up with the Rock's birthday. I'd love to see this, but I doubt it will happen.
  • It looks like Road Warrior Animal may be one of the pros of the next season of NXT.
  • Monday night is the WWE Draft! Check here for my predictions. I'll also be doing coverage on that page as well, once the results start coming.
  • WWE is confiscating Zack Ryder signs. WHY? This is such a stupid move. This is an opportunity to not only get over one of your guys but also gauge how over he currently is AND what the presence of WWE's social networking can do. It isn't as though the signs are offensive. I can't see any reason why they would be doing this unless they've already made the decision to fire Ryder soon, in which case, I think that's a bad move as well. WWE...I don't know what you're thinking sometimes.
  • Speaking of stupid decisions that make no sense, let's talk about that R-Truth smoking segment. They think it's too far from PG to curse at all, you can't show blood, you can't do anything risque, but then they do something that has been looked down upon by every form of media for YEARS? Wow. That's beyond stupid. They're trying to present the idea as being ok because it was portrayed in a negative light, but here's something they didn't overlook: R-Truth was a babyface only a few minutes before he did this. That means he still has fans. That means his fans are going to see him smoking and think it looks cool. A foolish decision made that much more foolish by a lack of foresight, again. Of course, they're catching heat from it now by several groups - and any idiot would have seen that coming a mile away before even thinking of the segment in the first place.
  • On a lighter note, during that segment, someone in the crowd shouted "Won't somebody please think of the children!" Whomever you are, I love you by default since you quoted the Simpsons.
  • F4WOnline reports that Harry Smith (aka "David Hart Smith") may be going into MMA soon. Seeing as how he hasn't wrestled in months and can't do this without being released from his contract, I now am expecting him to be on the list of future endeavors soon - but, obviously, as a mutual thing rather than them firing him out of punishment.
  • Jay Lethal has left TNA. In a way, that's not surprising, considering how little they've been using him as of late from what I can tell. In another way, it's still a shock, considering how he was one of the originals. And no, I don't think he's going to WWE. ROH on the other hand.... 
  • It looks like John Morrison has some supporters in this whole Trish Stratus/cold shoulder situation. Now, there are rumors out that some people feel like Trish was trying to make herself the star of the match instead of Snooki. I guess if you factor that in with Morrison being added to the title match at Extreme Rules, it seems like this idea of a punishment isn't there (or at least, isn't very solid or important).
  • Kevin Nash spoke out again about Scott Hall's problems, saying that he knows every time he talks to him might be the last, and that Scott's issue stems from before his substance abuse, not as a result of it. Naturally, I hope Scott can get this all sorted out, but if I'm being honest, I don't see it happening, sadly. Something I want to point out that tends to be overlooked in this whole situation is that Kevin Nash seems to be such a good friend that really loves Scott (and others I'm sure) unconditionally. That's a trait that's hard to come by and should not only be respected but admired and praised, so kudos to Kevin Nash, whom more than likely doesn't get as much positive reinforcement as he deserves for all of his good actions. I'm sure if others knew how to help, they'd be glad to lend a hand, so if you figure something out, let us know BDC. 


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