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WWE 2-21-11 - Who is it?

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, February 7, 2011
Undertaker? Sting? Jericho coming back to "Save_Us 2-21-11"? The horrible forthcoming appearance of Justin Bieber at WrestleMania? What are we in store for in regards to this promotional tactic?

My apologies for being a week late on this, but nonetheless, my viewpoint has stayed the same since the first promo. Actually, that's a lie. My first impression was that I had just fast-forwarded on my DVR past some video game commercial. I didn't realize it was for World Wrestling Entertainment. However, when I rewound it, I immediately thought "hm...I wonder why they're bothering to promote the Undertaker's return and eradicate any suspense...oh well".

Soon afterward, I came across a laundry list of "suspects" from fellow fans trying to figure out who it is. Some had a modicum of thought but just never seem to be plausible (for instance, Awesome Kong is in the company, but I doubt they'd bring her in by showing what is clearly a man in a coat). Some were absolutely ridiculous (for instance, people suggesting it'll be the return of Matt Hardy). But it really comes down to 2 names when people are discussing this: Sting and Undertaker.

The past few days, everyone immediately goes to Sting. All us fans jump the gun at times and this was no different, with people suggesting dream feuds he'll have within the next year, to the point where people are discussing which opponents he'll face at which pay-per-views, despite not having any firm evidence that he's even signed with the company. As each day passes, it seems less and less likely that Sting actually WILL go to WWE. You can't necessarily rule it out completely, but as I've said before, expect the least surprising outcome when it comes to WWE (and the answer that makes the least sense when it comes to TNA...case in point, Fortune being They). I'd love to see Sting under Vince's paycheck, especially if it meant a confrontation between The Icon and The Phenom at WrestleMania (technically for the third year in a row, considering how HBK uses the nickname The Icon too...but that's beside the point). Do I expect it to happen? Nope. I didn't expect John Morrison to get the upset and win the Royal Rumble, I didn't expect the big story of the Nexus's bigger plan to actually be something more than a stall, and I'm not expecting the Miz to leave WrestleMania the WWE champion rather than dropping it to John Cena. It's just the safe bet to assume those things, just as the safe bet here is to assume that 2-21-11 refers to the Undertaker's return, not the sudden acquisition of what many call "the biggest wrestling star to have never worked for Vince McMahon".

The evidence is there in the promos: 1) it is mysterious and so is the Undertaker, 2) black coat, which Taker wears, 3) black boots, same case, 4) fire for the numbers, something Taker is associated with, and as of this writing, they even mentioned graves. Taker was last seen in the buried alive match. Pretty open and shut case right?

That's not to say that WWE doesn't pull their shockers out there (for better or worse upon viewer's discretion). 2-21-11 could change at the last minute and either be used to promote someone (or some THING) else entirely than the Undertaker. Hell, it could fall into the same abyss that previous storylines like Hade Vansen's promo did and go nowhere and then disappear with no explanation. Until 2-21-11 makes itself abundantly clear, or at least until more clues are sent our way, I'll be sticking with the simplest guess, that it is about the Undertaker's return. We'll just have to see.

UPDATE 2/15/11: Well, they flat out showed Taker in the promo for tonight. Speculation over. 

UPDATE 2/21/11: Mystery solved. Undertaker as expected.


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