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Saturday Smack Talk: 2/19/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, February 19, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • The WWE Hall of Fame isn't going to be the night before WrestleMania, but instead, the night afterward. I'm not a big fan of this. It'll make the HOF segment of Mania look awkward I think. Plus, if they were to go ahead and do Taker vs HHH with HBK as the special guest ref, then whatever comments he makes on the HOF speech could potentially look weird.  Plus, that brings me to another point:
  • Tough Enough is going to be all over the fucking place. It'll air before Raw, after Raw, and before the Sunday morning Raw. Overkill? Plus, this TOTALLY kills the 3-hour Raw episodes from the future, which is a shame.
  • Sean Waltman posted on Twitter that Justin Credible was missing. He later retracted the statement, because apparently it wasn't true. Not really much to say about that.
  • Jeff Hardy is the new TNA champion. You can read my review of Against All Odds here.
  • Elijah Burke talked about how TNA promotes him much better than WWE did. Can't argue with him there....even if the Pope character is just a cheap knockoff of the Rock. Still, he won no titles in WWE, and I don't see any championships yet in TNA either. 
  • Jerry Lawler's mom, Hazel, apparently passed away. Sorry to hear that. I hope they don't try to work it into the Cole feud as that'd be disrespectful.
  • That little girl from The Chaperone dropped all the candy in the Khali Kiss Cam segment. LMAO. 
  • The Rock is the host of WrestleMania. Can't say anything but positive about that. Great choice, great idea in the first place, very cool that they brought up the Cena heat. Awesome indeed. I'm looking forward to it. 
  • Michelle McCool has a leg injury. That's a shame, especially considering how without her, they pretty much have no women heels. Sure, they have Layla (who plays second-fiddle jobber), Alicia (who has done nothing lately), Maryse (likewise), Melina (likewise), and the God awful Bella twins (who are better off doing nothing, except me perhaps), but Michelle's really the backbone. Time to bring Kong in. What are they waiting for?
  • Bad reviews for The Chaperone? Dude! No way!!! I smelled Oscar.
  • Porn star Allie Haze was apparently on the Khali Kiss Cam. I suggest Khali looks up Jenna Haze instead.
  • Del Rio is apparently not a huge fan of Mistico being signed, as it means that he'll have competition for the top Hispanic superstar spot once Mysterio retires, which could happen at any time considering his age and injury level. 
  • Alicia Fox's sister, Caylee, may have been released from FCW. Never saw her in a match. Didn't hear anything great, nor horrible. Guess that's not a real loss, then, but more like lateral motion.
  • Kevin Dunn souring on Sheamus = Sheamus not being pushed? Frankly, I think it would be them realizing that they pushed him too far, too fast, and that only now is he starting to show that he can be in the main event, but he's a 2-time WWE champ already. Think about it...that's half as many world titles as HBK.....Sheamus. 
  • Rumors of World Champion Edge vs. Intercontinental Champion Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania? Let's just say, if we see the Kofi/Del Rio match change to a title bout, then it will happen. I'm all for it, too. I don't think Del Rio is ready for the world title, and if he loses at WrestleMania but then still has the IC title to fall back on, then that works. I'd rather see Edge lose it to Wade Barrett.
  • Dolph Ziggler was world champion for what, 20 minutes? Good for him to be a former world champ, but it's a shame they couldn't let him keep it and drop it at the Elimination Chamber. After having been "fired", talked a bit about it, referencing old gimmicks like the golf caddy he portrayed and his time in the Spirit Squad. He also threw in some "I'm going to TNA" jokes. Ziggler's just been on a roll for months and I'm glad they're awarding him for his efforts. If they do a Money in the Bank at WrestleMania, he's definitely someone to watch out for.


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