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WWE 2010 Slammy Awards Results/Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've always been a fan of the Slammy Awards, even though I tend to disagree with the nominees and winners on a regular basis (but hey...same applies to the Academy Awards). To counteract this, I decided to create my own awards section, which you can find here. But still, the Slammy Awards are here, so it's time to list, predict, and then review.

*Note: It looks like they're changing up a bunch of the nominees. God knows what they're doing, here. Forgive me if some of these nominations listed don't end up being the ones they go for.

Superstar of the Year
NOMINEES: The Miz, John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, Edge, Rey Mysterio
PREDICTION: Randy Orton. It DEFINITELY won't be Mysterio, Kane, or Edge.
RESULT: John Cena
REVIEW: Well as you can read in the "Best and Worst of 2010 Awards" article mentioned above, I chose John Cena for that. I was assuming Orton would win this, but I'm not too surprised that they gave it to Cena.

Diva of the Year

NOMINEES: (the winner will be determined by a battle royal on Raw)
PREDICTION: Hard to predict, as I don't think the winner will be the person that really could be "diva of the year", but instead, they'll use it for a storyline purpose. I could see Beth winning after eliminating Lay-Cool. I can see Natalya winning. I can also see Melina winning, giving her a title shot and starting the heel turn.
RESULT: Michelle McCool
REVIEW: No problem with this result. I chose her for my "best diva of the year" award as well.

Shocker of the Year

NOMINEES: Miz cashes in MITB, John Cena loses and must join Nexus, Nexus takes out Vince McMahon, Paul Bearer turns on the Undertaker
PREDICTION: Well, Nexus needs to get an award, so I guess it goes to Cena's loss.
RESULT: Nexus debut
REVIEW: Okay, so this was one of the instances where they completely changed some of the nominees, so there wasn't a possibility for me to predict it correctly. I did however, say that Nexus would win this award, so I'll give myself credit [lol]. That was definitely a shock as nobody expected it to happen, especially since half of them were faces on NXT and it meant an instant heel turn.

Knucklehead Moment of the Year

*Note: Really, WWE? You had to do ANOTHER promotion for Knucklehead after all those ads? Nobody cares. Give it up.
NOMINEES: Big Show unmasks a bald CM Punk, Santino Marella gets out-danced by Vladimir Kozlov, Beth Phoenix eliminates Great Khali from the Royal Rumble, Lay-Cool beaten by Mae Young
PREDICTION: I have no idea. Really. No clue. Its obvious to give it to Big Show as he's Knucklehead, but will they do the obvious? More than likely..but I wouldn't be surprised if they chose this spot for Santino to come out.
RESULT: Mae Young beats Lay-Cool
REVIEW: Not really sure why this was the "knucklehead" moment of the year. Maybe the award should go to JTG for announcing the award winner wrong and saying that Lay-Cool beat Mae Young.

Despicable Me Award

NOMINEES: CM Punk sings Happy Birthday to Mysterio's daughter, Sheamus attacks HHH with lead pipe, Nexus attacks Ricky Steamboat and WWE legends, Kane buries the Undertaker alive
PREDICTION: Sheamus wins this so he can come out and gloat about doing it and being KOTR.
REVIEW: I was surprised that Punk won this, but at the same time, they moved the Sheamus situation to a different award, so, you know. 

Holy Shit Move of the Year

NOMINEES: Kofi Kingston hits Drew McIntyre with leg drop off ladder through announce table, John Cena sends Batista onto a car and through the stage with two Attitude Adjustments, Randy Orton delivers RKO to a flying Evan Bourne, John Morrison dives off set onto Daniel Bryan and the Miz
PREDICTION: C'mon, it has to go to the RKO
RESULT: John Cena
REVIEW: It should have went to the Bourne/RKO situation

Guest Star Shining Moment of the Year

NOMINEES: Mike Tyson punches out Chris Jericho, Pee Wee Herman vs. The Miz, Florence Henderson kisses Great Khali, William Shatner sings WWE ring entrances
PREDICTION: I'm probably wrong but I'll say Henderson kisses Khali...but like I just said, I'm probably wrong. This type of category is hard to predict as it could go to any of them and doesn't matter at all.
RESULT: Pee Wee Herman
REVIEW: Well, Henderson kissing Khali wasn't even on the nominees list anymore. Who really cares about this award?

"Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year

NOMINEES: Big Show destroys Jack Swagger's trophies, Edge destroys the Raw GM's computer, Alberto Del Rio injures Rey Mysterio's arm with steel chair, Batista quits WWE
PREDICTION: Del Rio, so they can set up the chair match at TLC.
REVIEW: I liked how they had Edge do the award alongside Christian. I'm still hoping that those two go into WrestleMania and have a tag team title match.

WWE Moment of the Year

NOMINEES: Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels shake hands, Nexus debuts and attacks John Cena, Undertaker vs HBK, Kane wins MITB and cashes in
PREDICTION: Tough call. I'd say it SHOULD go to HBK/Hart, but it could just as easily go to Taker/HBK.
RESULT: HBK retirement
REVIEW: C'mon. We knew this would win.

On top of changing some of the nominees, they also added some more categories that weren't told ahead of time. Hence, I couldn't make any predictions for them. But nonetheless, here are the results and review:

WWE Universe Fan Reaction of the Year
RESULT: The angry Miz girl
REVIEW: This whole award was added just for the sake of that girl and I thought it was hilarious. The kid gets put on TV and is able to participate once more, where the Miz steals her Slammy. Great way to make him look like a real douche of a heel. I loved it.

And I Quote...Line of the Year
RESULT: Michael Cole
REVIEW: Well, of course! I really wanted Cole to be booked to win something because his character has been one of the best things going in the WWE right now. Thumbs up.

Best Performance by a Winged Specimen
RESULT: Monday Night Raw chicken
REVIEW: .....what?

Best Use of Exercise Equipment
RESULT: Rosa Mendes' use of a Shake Weight
REVIEW: I'll comment when I stop watching it.

Most Menacing Haircut
RESULT: Tyler Reks
REVIEW: OMG, so menacing! Look out for Tyler Reks and his haircut to win the tag team titles soon.

Best Family Values
RESULT: Kane destroys Jack Swagger Sr. as his son looks on
REVIEW: Kane's got a habit of fucking up family members this year.

Superstar/Diva Most in Need of Makeup
RESULT: Sheamus
REVIEW: Surprised they didn't call this "The Award for Most Overused Joke Which was Never Really Hilarious to Begin With". As much as I don't like Sheamus, it's not that I dislike the guy or his skin color or anything, it's that I don't like his pushes. I could care less that he's pale. In fact, making fun of someone for their skin color seems kind of anti-PG, doesn't it? Ask Michael Hayes.

The “Cole in Your Stocking” Award
RESULT: Daniel Bryan attacks Michael Cole on WWE NXT
REVIEW: Ten points for the pun on Cole/coal.

Outstanding Achievement in Baby Oil Application
RESULT: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes
REVIEW: Really, they waste time on thinking of categories like this, but can't spend 10 minutes thinking of better fake names for these new wrestlers instead of stuff like "Husky Harris"?

Frequent Tweeter Award
RESULT: Goldust
REVIEW: Tweet a lot, he does. Can't argue with that.

Best WWE.com Exclusive TV Show
REVIEW: Well, no shit. What competition does NXT have? Still, I enjoyed season 3 a lot with all the banter.

Most Annoying Catchphrase
RESULT: Zack Ryder for “Woo, woo, woo, you know it.”
REVIEW: Zack Ryder should be fighting for a midcard title. It's a shame they're wasting him.

So all in all, I have one major question....what happened to "Match of the Year" or "Rookie/Breakout of the Year"? How could they put effort into chickens and exercise equipment but not these two awards?


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