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WWE King of the Ring 2010 Results: Sheamus Wins King of the Ring

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tonight, the WWE crowns a new King of the Ring! I've always been a big fan of this tournament and I think it works extremely well as a 3-hour-Raw special edition, more so than a ppv like it used to be.

As of right now, the playing field isn't complete officially, but we have four participants revealed (Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, and John Morrison) and according to Smackdown spoilers, the other four are Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, and Cody Rhodes. I figured I'd give my initial predictions before the results and review.

SHEAMUS: He definitely is the person to watch out for, and I'm expecting him to make it to the finals, if not win it. I hope he doesn't, though, as I'm not a fan of Sheamus, and I think he's totally undeserving of even one world title win, let alone two, so the last thing I want is for him to be given yet another major victory like this.

EZEKIEL JACKSON: I'm not expecting him to win, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he did win. He doesn't exactly have a ton of character, so giving him the king gimmick could help him out. But really...can you see Big Zeke coming out to the ring dressed in royal cloth? Sure, it worked for Mabel, but c'mon.

DANIEL BRYAN: No way does he win it. Sorry guys, but nope, it isn't going to happen. He's already the United States champion and feuding with a guy that could easily come down and cost him the match. Not a chance.

JOHN MORRISON: I'd love to see Morrison win this as I want him to be a main eventer so badly. Granted, I'd love to see him take some acting classes, so they'd be confident enough to give him a world title on his own, but this could work as a catapult, so if he wins, I'd be very happy. That being said, I don't expect him to win. The King of the Ring designation works much better with heels than faces.

ALBERTO DEL RIO: Del Rio doesn't need it, and I hope they don't give it to him. He already has the rich guy gimmick and it would basically be the same thing, but doubled over, so why bother?

KOFI KINGSTON: Kofi could win this thing if they want him to turn heel, but I don't know, I don't have much of a gut feeling that we'll be seeing King Kingston lol.

DREW MCINTYRE: I can see Drew getting this, as he's supposed to be "the chosen one" and all, but it seems like they've soured a bit on him lately. Maybe they just realized that they were pushing him too far, too fast, similar to Sheamus. If he won, it wouldn't shock me, and I'd put him towards the top of potential winners, but I think it isn't his time.

CODY RHODES: Cody's whole "dashing" gimmick makes it impossible for him to win this. Like Del Rio, it would overlap and the two gimmicks would argue with one another, making it pointless.

I was hoping that Jack Swagger would win this, but seeing as how he isn't a participant, he obviously can't. Thus, I think if you want to split your vote 50/50, the four choices you should pick as potential winners are Sheamus, Ezekiel, John Morrison, and Drew McIntyre. Part of me says that Del Rio has an obvious better chance at winning it than McIntyre does, but at the same time, I can't see past the point of view that he really, really doesn't need it, and that he gains nothing out of being King of the Ring whereas McIntyre gets a shot of adrenaline. As for who I'm rooting for, its definitely Morrison, and I'd love to see him beat Kofi in the finals so Kofi gets a rub in the process.


Coming off a fantastic Raw last week, WWE Creative found a way to go the opposite route and produce a bunch of nonsense this time around. I'm not going to talk about how stupid and wasteful they're being with the John Cena storyline, as I'll save that for another time, but there's enough other crap to point out.

As soon as the bracket was shown, it was obvious how things would go, rendering the whole tournament pointless.

The first match of the tournament saw Alberto Del Rio defeat Daniel Bryan. No real problems there, as finally, a heel gets a clean win.
Then John Morrison defeated Cody Rhodes. Morrison leaves the match with a legit bloody lip/mouth.

This was followed by a double count out with Zeke and McIntyre, which was obvious as hell once they went to the outside.

Then the last part of the first round goes to Sheamus beating Kofi Kingston, because obviously the babyface wouldn't get the free pass, and it gives everyone an excuse to say Sheamus wins due to having only wrestled 2 matches.

Morrison defeats Del Rio but only after Mysterio distracts him (by coming out in his car, making it the THIRD time they showed the car in one night), and Morrison leaves the match with a kayfabe hurt arm.

Then, naturally, which like I said, as soon as they showed the bracket layout, it was obvious it would turn out this way, Sheamus defeats John Morrison to become the King of the Ring. Its booked in a way to make Morrison look like he should've won but Sheamus had the edge because he only wrestled two matches and Morrison was injured, but still, why did they need to give it to Sheamus? This guy's already been given an undefeated streak, a Slammy for "Breakout Star of the Year", then two world titles...does he really need King of the Ring too? Next year, look out for Sheamus to win the Royal Rumble, then be the first guy to hold every championship at the same time, and then beat the Undertaker's streak, and then they'll create something else to give him. Its a situation where it seems like they're desperate to put him over at all expenses so they just give him everything in the hopes that it'll work. Fire a shotgun shell and hope that something hits instead of one precise shot. 

That brings me on to another topic. What is up with the WWE giving people things and then booking them like they don't deserve them? As much as I think Sheamus is overrated, they build him up as unstoppable, then give him his first WWE title through a fluke win and then have him look like a coward, then he wins it again through a fluke and continues to retain via fluke, and now he wins the King of the Ring as though he couldn't do it on his own. If he's supposed to be so ruthless and tough, why not fucking book him as ruthless and tough? What was the purpose tonight of having the Miz, who just won his first WWE title in a cheap fashion, come out and need the help of TWO other guys just so he could BARELY beat a SIXTY-ONE year old Jerry Lawler!? How in the hell does that make the Miz look any better? It makes it look like the Miz is on par with Santino.

So what does this all mean? Well, look forward in the next few weeks to Sheamus continuing to use Morrison as a stepping stone (or the alternative is that they'll just forget about him) until the almighty Triple H comes back to do a "King of Kings versus King of the Ring" match where naturally, HHH beats him (then probably wins 8 more WWE titles). Look out for the Miz either dropping the title to Orton or somehow being able to beat him in a completely illogical fashion seeing as he couldn't even beat Lawler. Look out for a bunch of other nonsense like that.

Way to drop the ball, WWE. I'm sure you'll outdo yourselves in two weeks with the Slammy awards when we see nobody win but Alberto Del Rio, the Nexus, and Sheamus.


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