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TNA Genesis 2010 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, January 17, 2010
I don't normally watch TNA pay-per-views, as I don't normally watch Impact either, but I was bored as hell tonight so I figured I'd check them out. My general predictions going into it were the winners: Sean Morley, Bobby Lashley, Unknown Challenger beating Amazing Red, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money Inc, ODB, British Invasion, and AJ Styles. So, let's take a look at what actually occurs, as I'll be writing this review/results article while the ppv is going on.

Show Opener
The ppv starts with Hogan and Bischoff in the ring talking about the new 4-sided ring. This results in the fans chanting "We want six sides", hilariously. Hogan and Bischoff try to squeak past this and get to the part of the promo where everyone is supposed to cheer about how things will be different. Basically the promo is what we've heard before, except with more McMahon name dropping. He even calls him "brother, or sister"...which was most likely unintentionally funny lol. Taz decides to say he doesn't miss the WWE, which is no doubt going to annoy Vince. Good job, Taz.

X-Division Championship: Amazing Red (c) def. Brian Kendrick
Brian Kendrick is a perfect fit for TNA. They don't hold as high of a standard when it comes to substance abuse so he'll be happy, they like cruiserweights more, and the lessened schedule and big fish/small pond thing will make it so he isn't a jobber. I'm surprised Kendrick didn't win the title here, but then again, it IS his first match since coming over. Plus, maybe they didn't want to replay that horrible entrance music he has. The match itself was ok. Nothing great, nothing horrible.

This is when I started having stream issues, so I missed a lot. From what I see, I missed some Rock/Paper/Scissors action. Rats.

Sean Morley def. Daniels
I can't comment on the quality of the match, as I missed it. Supposedly, the fans were 100% behind Daniels despite how he's supposed to be the heel, and that Morley won with his traditional splash finisher.

Knockout's Championship: Tara def. ODB (c)
Boring match from what I saw. Tara wins the first two falls and thus, wins the match. Yawn.

Elijah Expresses Himself
Dinero says something backstage, but I don't know what, as I was distracted by Christy Hemme's rack.

Tag Team Championship: Matt Morgan & Hernandez def. The British Invasion (c)
Didn't see the match. Part of me is surprised that they booked them to win the titles, but another part of me isn't. I'm surprised that they love to throw random people together all the time in TNA, but I'm not surprised that they went through with the title change just for something different. I bet Morgan and Hernandez drop the titles within the next few weeks because they'll be bored again backstage lol.

Abyss Attacks Lashley
The reports seem to be true - that Lashley isn't wrestling tonight and Abyss will probably face Ken Anderson instead. Why? I have no fucking clue.

Desmond Wolfe def. D'Angelo Dinero
Forgive me, but I wasn't too fond of this match. Burke never really impressed me that much, and I haven't seen any other Wolfe matches but if this is his peak or standard, I'm not going to cream myself like everyone else is doing. It was an ok match, similar to the Red/Kendrick one, but again, absolutely nothing about it was memorable to me.

More Backstage Shenanigans
Jeremy Borash is "fired" by Bischoff, Flair says 'woo' a bunch of times as that's all he's capable of doing nowadays.

Beer Money Inc def. The Band
Scott Hall isn't wrestling tonight. Lol. That's a shocker isn't it? Part way through, I decided to get some cake instead of watch this. It was just yet another "meh" match. Beer Money wins. Lots of Bands are about the drug use backstage, right?

Ken Anderson def. Abyss
I was saying long before Kennedy was released from the WWE that he would be a better fit for TNA. The shortened schedule and lessened focus on steroids means that he has a better chance at surviving, as in the WWE he was always injured or suspended. This also gives him more time to rest between his matches. There's a big problem, though. Anderson is a guy who the crowd generally likes (minus the few tonight that were chanting "overrated"), yet they booked him against one of TNA's faces? I don't see why they'd want to do that, instead of have him against Lashley. Part of the crowd started chanting "boring" during this match. I agree. Ken wins with brass knuckles which is a heel tactic, so I guess they're going to book him as a heel instead. Hm. He then decides to do a joke that Family Guy has even done so many times that it's old and no longer funny. Hopefully, that was unintentional.

TNA Championship: AJ Styles (c) def. Kurt Angle
For all the hype everyone always gives this type of match, it always lets me down. AJ is entertaining, but he's not someone that I'm ever particularly interested in. He's not someone you can build a company around in my mind. Essentially, AJ Styles is the equivalent to RVD. I couldn't pay full attention to this.

Whenever I give TNA a chance, they always prove to me why I shouldn't watch it. Tonight was no different.

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