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WWE Survivor Series 2009 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, November 22, 2009
Survivor Series is usually one of my favorite pay-per-views, and for the most part, it delivered this year as well.

Elimination Match: Team Miz def. Team Morrison
This match is really the only gripe I have with the show, and it's major. In my opinion, it was booked horribly. Ziggler being eliminated early was a bit annoying, but at least it was due to a finishing move and after a little bit of time in the ring. Finlay, however, gets eliminated almost immediately with just one kick? McIntyre soon afterwards eliminates Bourne, which is ok, as was Swagger being eliminated from Morrison's Starship Pain. I was a bit annoyed that after all this build up between Swagger and Miz, Swagger wasn't eliminated due to Miz causing some sort of accident, though, as now it feels like their little feud was pointless, unless they do something on Raw. Here is where the match turned into something that genuinely irked me. Sheamus eliminates Shelton essentially despite how Miz gets the pinfall, followed by Matt being eliminated by McIntyre, and then Morrison being eliminated by Sheamus. Why? Can anyone tell me why the WWE felt the need to have McIntyre and Sheamus eliminate EVERYBODY on Team Morrison with ease? On top of that, John Morrison comes out of it looking bad because he couldn't even defeat one of the three, and this is 2 in a row that he has lost to Miz. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are very young and the way they booked this match was overkill. They're going to push them too fast and too hard, which will go nowhere, and then they'll find themselves struggling to find a purpose (example, Kozlov). Ridiculous.

Backstage Segment: One of These Things is Not Like the Others
Funny segment backstage playing on the fact that Christian was the only white man on Team Kingston.

Batista def. Rey Mysterio
Some people might complain that this wasn't necessarily a "match", but I'm actually happy with what we were given. Rey should be nowhere near a threat to Batista once Dave gets his hands on him, so it makes perfect sense that Batista would just beat the life out of him. I'd have personally liked it to be a little more brutal, to the point where little kids are crying in the audience, but they did the job nonetheless. If I heard correctly, the fans were chanting "one more time" after Batista gave Rey a spinebuster on the chair, which is hilarious.

Elimination Match: Team Kingston def. Team Orton
The previous segment wasted a lot of time with dragging Rey out on a stretcher and I can't help but thinking that they should have ran the Orton/Kofi video package during that, as opposed to in between the introductions, which completely killed the momentum at the start of this match. Henry being eliminated almost immediately was a bit of a surprise, but R-Truth following afterwards wasn't at all. Then, for some reason, Ted DiBiase gets eliminated. I have no clue why, as that hurts his credibility, and it isn't like William Regal has such a bright future that they needed to make sure he stayed longer in the match. MVP's elimination seemed a bit obvious, but they completely made up for it with the end of the match. As soon as Team Miz won, I figured Kingston would lead his team to victory, but I didn't remotely foresee that it would come the way it did. Outside of the early DiBiase elimination, for the most part this was a very entertaining match and most importantly, it gave Kofi Kingston a lot of value. In just a few short weeks, Kofi has almost solidified himself as an upper midcarder, which is great, showing that the WWE does know how to push at least one person correctly.

World Heavyweight Championship (Triple Threat Match): Undertaker (c) def. Big Show & Chris Jericho
No complaints whatsoever. This was rock solid from beginning to end, and even had a nice little cherry on top when Jericho responded to the fan's comment of "Go back to Toronto" with "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!" Classic Jericho.

Backstage: The Shit Still Stinks
As if the way they booked the first match wasn't bad enough, they felt it necessary to run a backstage promo where they CONTINUE to bury Team Morrison? For fuck's sake, what are they seeing in McIntyre and Sheamus that warrants this? Are these two blowing Vince backstage before every taping?

Elimination Match: Team Mickie def. Team McCool
What else is needed to say outside of "it was a divas match"? Self-explanatory how this went. Lots of quick, random eliminations, and it meant absolutely nothing.

Backstage: Batista Turns Red...Metaphorically
Batista says he's embarrassed for Rey Mysterio. So am I, but for different reasons. I mean, look at what he wears to the ring...

WWE Championship (Triple Threat Match): John Cena (c) def. HBK & HHH
Boy did this match start off with a bang. Right off the bat, that superkick from nowhere made me sit up in my seat as I don't think anybody saw it coming. Very, very good match, and definitely the match of the night without a doubt. I went into this thinking there's no way Cena loses, but from the moment the bell rang, they had me doubting myself, which is great as it kept my suspense up 100%. There were even a few times where I got so excited, thinking HBK may possibly go into San Antonio's TLC next month as champion, that I started thinking of who could challenge him lol. As with the other championship match, this also had a cherry on top, and that was Triple H taking the pinfall, which is so rare that it's sort of become more of a myth lol. Very good.

The pay-per-view felt extremely rushed to me, the divas match was a snooze and I extremely hate how half the event was dedicated to Sheamus and McIntyre. Outside of all that I found Survivor Series to be very entertaining. If you were to replace the Sheamus and McIntyre debacle with something better, I'd have LOVED this event. So all in all, that crap downgrades the score, but everything else still maintains a solid thumbs up in my book.

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