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WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Another month, another ppv. You ready for Hell in a Cell? I know I am. Sure, Breaking Point did the exact opposite for me and made it so I don't believe that these gimmick style pay-per-views are a good idea, but I mean, come on...look at this card. On paper, this looks like it could be really great, and when you're already a fan of the Hell in a Cell gimmick, it sweetens the deal. So let's get the hell out of here and start looking at what they're presenting us with...

Divas Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Alicia Fox
Clearly the B.B. of the night, but that's ok, its a necessary part of the show. Mickie's the best all around diva they have in the company and tries her hardest each time she's out there, and Alicia may not be so great in the ring but she's great to look at. Let's just hope that this match isn't as much of a train wreck as Mickie's match this week on Raw with Rosa. Good lord. That match was so bad I was almost wishing for a Hornswoggle match to replace it. Almost. Fox could potentially take the title here just for sake of change, but I doubt it. Her only real contenders would be Kelly and Gail - one of which has been absent for a while with the other having seemingly lost her respect in the company from her lack of an audience response.

PREDICTION: Mickie James retains via DDT but makes Alicia look "hungry for it".

Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. Batista & Rey Mysterio
Not particularly looking forward to this match, but that's because the latter two performers are guys that I just don't particularly like watching. I think its pretty safe to say here that JeriShow isn't going to be dropping the titles. With no build for the Batista/Mysterio tag team, nor any true reason for JeriShow to stop teaming together, why bother switching for the sake of it? To boost the Batista and Mysterio credibility? No, they don't need it. Expect most of the match to be Jericho-centric with Big Show and Batista squaring off in a fist fight towards the third-quarter mark.

PREDICTION: Jericho and Big Show retain after pinning Mysterio.

United States Championship (Triple Threat): Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger
This is a tough, tough call. Kofi fits snugly right now as the US champ in my mind, but with John Cena and Mickie James as the two other champs on the show as well as John Morrison with the IC title on Smackdown, Christian with the ECW title, and Kofi not truly being the focal point of this feud, I'll have to venture a guess here and say we have a new US champion. Now which one of these two gets it? I'm hoping its Miz. Does anyone agree with me that the US title surprisingly looked just...odd...on Swagger this week? His size, no doubt, but something just felt off to me. Meanwhile, the Miz is DYING for singles gold and more than deserves it in my opinion. I'm really liking Kofi lately, and I wouldn't be too upset if he were to retain as he's doing well, but it could just simply be time for a switch. This has potential to be the most overlooked and most exciting match of the night, by far, so keep your eyes out for this one, folks. These three guys have something to prove to WWE management and the fans alike.

PREDICTION: The Miz sneaks a pin on Kofi Kingston.

Intercontinental Championship: John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ok, so the Mr. Ziggles thing isn't so great, and certainly wasn't what I was hoping would be the major proponent for a feud between these up and comers, but at least the crowd is reacting to it, which is a plus. I'm begging that Morrison finds his way into a Royal Rumble win and a world title win at WrestleMania, or at the very least, a Money in the Bank win, as I want this guy to be top dog in the future. Ziggler's not even close to ready for that position, but he's almost at the IC level's quality rating. I don't see him winning it here, though, as again, its a situation of just not feeling right yet. I have a feeling that this match won't deliver as much as we hope it will, but hopefully I'm dead wrong.

PREDICTION: John Morrison retains.

Hell in a Cell: DX vs. Legacy
Legacy got their big win at Breaking Point. They won't win this one. They'll look really dominating and aggressive in this, I'll bet, which may make up for a loss, but I just cannot under any circumstances see them defeating HBK and HHH twice in a row. Here's a good time for Ted and Cody to up the ante and show us how talented they really are.

PREDICTION: Superkick + Pedigree to return the favor and get the win for DX.

World Heavyweight Championship (Hell in a Cell): CM Punk (c) vs. Undertaker
Doesn't feel like this feud has escalated towards such an intense gimmick match, has it? Didn't think so. I'd be extremely surprised to see Undertaker win the title here as I don't think they have anything lined up as far as a reign for him, whereas they could do a short Punk/Batista feud after this as well as have someone screw the Undertaker and start a feud with him, effectively cutting short this Punk/Taker feud as it just isn't working. Who will be that person to start a feud with Taker? Hopefully not Kane as they should save that. Maybe Mike Knox?

PREDICTION: CM Punk retains after someone (Knox probably) screws Taker.

WWE Championship (Hell in a Cell): John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton
Too soon to take the title off Cena, especially now that Orton has no one lined up to be the replacement feud since Batista is gone. They could have a short Orton/HBK feud, but I doubt it. Still, even if Cena retains, who does he face after this? It's a tough call due to the limited roster and WWE's fear of pushing anyone new. I wouldn't be INSANELY surprised to see a Cena/Swagger feud, but I still would be a little shocked that they'd pull the trigger on it. Anyway, that's just assuming that Cena/Orton end their program after this. Either way, though, I can't see Cena losing when he just won the title. If Cena's dropping it, he's dropping it at Survivor Series I'll bet.

PREDICTION: Cena wins via Attitude Adjustment and pinfall.

It sounds repetitive, but it always rings true. WWE has a card that looks like it could be great, but its all up to them to deliver. We could get something very entertaining, or we could get two decent matches and 2 extra hours of filler garbage. What do you think is going to happen?

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