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WWE Breaking Point Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, September 11, 2009

Coming off the heels of what I would say was an overall great pay-per-view in SummerSlam, does Breaking Point have the ability to keep the momentum going and match or top the quality? On paper, maybe so. I'm hesitant to believe in this strategy that they're using now of having match themed pay-per-views, as I feel it has the potential to seriously cheapen the importance of said gimmicks, so it is up to Breaking Point to prevent me from biting my nails for Hell in a Cell and TLC...

WWE Championship (I Quit Match): Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena
At first glance, you would think that John Cena will beat Orton with the STF, right? That's certainly the safest bet and the most likely one to go down. However, WWE just threw a curveball out there by announcing that Batista has a big announcement next week on Raw. What does this mean? In the back of my mind, I still think WWE wants to have Cena defeat Batista at WrestleMania XXVI for the WWE title, so I don't think they'll be feuding around Survivor Series as that will kill said idea. Of course, this doesn't mean that Orton has to retain, nor does it mean Batista's big announcement even has to involve the belt. He could very well come back and start some heel turn and a feud with HHH, or he could come back and say he just banged the Bella twins. Who knows? I do think its safe to say that if Batista isn't going to be in the title picture, then Cena will pick up the victory, and if he IS, then Orton will retain.

PREDICTION: Cena wins via STF.

World Heavyweight Championship (Submission Match): CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker
Someone brought up a viable idea in regards to this match: Punk could use chloroform or something like it to "beat" Undertaker without having Taker actually tap out. I can definitely see something like that happening here, as it just doesn't seem right for the Undertaker to submit to Punk, nor does it feel right to have Punk drop the title so soon. These two could mesh well just as equally as they could be a train wreck together. For Punk's sake, I'm hoping its the former, as Taker has nothing to lose by having a bad match, but Punk could find himself in a bad position when it comes to future title reigns if he can't pull off a good match with a seasoned vet.

PREDICTION: CM Punk somehow, cheaply, retains.

Intercontinental Championship: John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
I actually wouldn't be too surprised if Morrison lost the title this quickly. I don't necessarily think he will, but I wouldn't be astounded. If we were to have Rey against Ziggler, Dolph most likely would have won the title, so they probably had plans for that, however, they needed someone else to take Rey's place at the last minute and went with Morrison, who I'm assuming was scheduled to be Ziggler's first challenger. Who knows? This is a tough one to call. It should be good if given a proper amount of time, though.

PREDICTION: I'm 50/50 on this, but I'll go with Morrison retaining, for now.

Submissions Count Anywhere: DX vs. Legacy
I'm very excited about the potential that this match has. Falls Count Anywhere matches are usually very fun, and I've yet to see a scenario like that but with submissions, let alone involving my favorite faction against two talented up and comers. I'll admit as well that I'm a bit curious to see if Legacy will get cheered against HBK due to how much Canadians still resent him. He's my favorite and I'll always root for the guy, but I found myself oddly pumped up when the crowd was recently chanting for Cody Rhodes, and HBK has nothing to lose at this point in his career. What am I hoping goes down here? I'm hoping DiBiase makes HHH submit with the Million Dollar Dream. That would put an enormous grin on my face.

PREDICTION: Legacy wins, but how, I'm not sure.

ECW Championship: Christian (c) vs. William Regal
The main thing with ECW that bothers me is that I can't see any plans that they're making for WrestleMania with this roster. You definitely can't have someone like Tyler Reks be a part of a singles match for the title at the biggest ppv of the year, nor can you trust Kozlov to be worth the spot anymore. Regal and Christian are feuding now, and Dreamer won't get a spotlight at Mania. It looks like they keep teasing Shelton turning face, so would they really do Christian vs a face Shelton? I don't know. But just to switch it up a little, I'm assuming Regal wins here, just so he can have a title defense against Dreamer, another against Hurricane, and then drop it to a face Shelton or back to Christian, with Christian feuding with Ryder and Sheamus in between.

PREDICTION: Regal wins the title after Kozlov and Ahmed Johnson..er..Ezekiel, interfere.

Signapore Cane Match: The Great Khali vs. Kane
Bathroom break. Hopefully this is the last time these two go at it, as I find Khali much more entertaining when he's not on TV and I can forget that he even exists. His theme has a catchy beat though, I'll give the character that. Kane would be better served feuding with someone else like...well, the only one left is Matt Hardy, so I guess him by default.

PREDICTION: Hoping Kane wins, but Khali probably does via Khali Bomb.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. MVP & Mark Henry
Too soon to take the titles off JeriShow. MVP and Mark Henry actually sort of work together as a team, I feel. Maybe its the matching red jumpsuits? Haha. Maybe not. Still, MVP brings a little bit of energy and technical wrestling to the team while Mark Henry brings the power presence, much like how the Jericho/Big Show team works. The build up hasn't been spectacular, but at least we had a good MVP promo out of it as well as a bodyslam contest that, albeit was a bit boring, but was still something that we don't see too often. For the most part, their matches haven't been real bad, so this could be fun.

PREDICTION: Jericho and Big Show win via Codebreaker.

Despite the lack of a serious build for most of these matches, I think its safe to say that on paper, the card has a great chance at being worth the watch. The potential is there. We just have to hope that they all tap into it and deliver both behind the scenes and in the ring. Will Breaking Point shatter expectations or will it be so bad that the WWE will be forever Unforgiven? Ok, you have to admit that as lame as that joke was, it was too corny to resist. Go easy on me.

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