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WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, June 4, 2009

The following are my predictions for WWE's upcoming ppv, Extreme Rules.

WWE Championship (Steel Cage Match): Randy Orton vs. Batista
I think its pretty safe to say here that Randy Orton will be retaining his championship. In fact, I would not be surprised if Randy held the title up until WrestleMania XXVI, but in general, he is more likely to lose at SummerSlam or Survivor Series than at Extreme Rules against Batista. What aches me about this match is not that Batista is involved, but rather, that its almost a definite that Rhodes, DiBiase, and Flair will be somehow. Orton and Batista have had some decent matches together and it will be disappointing if this turns into yet another "my friends against your friends" contest. Prediction: Randy Orton retains via crawling out the door after Batista is screwed somehow by Legacy.

Submission Match: The Big Show vs. John Cena
Snooze. These two have had enough matches together that I honestly don't care what happens anymore. To retain credibility, though, especially after how ridiculous it was for Cena to go over Show at Judgment Day with the injury storyline, they need to have Big Show win this match. Another thing I'm afraid of, though, is that WWE Creative will undoubtedly try to twist this into a "career defining moment", and it will fail miserably as nobody gives a shit. Either Cena taps and we have to suffer through Big Show coming out each and every week claiming he was the man who made Cena tap (as he did with "I knocked out the Undertaker" for a few months), or they'll book Cena to pass out rather than tap and try to recapture the glory of Stone Cold's submission match with Bret Hart, but this time, it will be meaningless. Or, Creative will just go the normal route and have Cena get his ass kicked for the entire match, come back and do three moves, and make Big Show submit like a child. Here's hoping its a squash with Big Show coming out on top. Prediction: John Cena "somehow manages" to do the same shit he always does and wins.

World Heavyweight Championship (Ladder Match): Edge vs. Jeff Hardy
If the rumors have been true that Jeff Hardy is going to be taking a break from the WWE, then without a doubt, Edge retains here. Even if Hardy is simply stalling to sign that new contract and may be staying for a while, they're surely not going to give him the title and then have to rush to figure out a way to get it off him when the contract is about to expire. Hardy doesn't have the momentum to win the title, either, so for those three reasons, Edge is going to retain. The match could be good, but I have a feeling if you get your hopes up, you'll be disappointed. Prediction: Edge retains.

Intercontinental Championship (No Holds Barred Match): Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
The first of three "generic no disqualification" matches, rather than giving us something fresh. I'd have preferred a Falls Count Anywhere match or something. The fact that I'm always bored with Mysterio, compaired with how I'm now starting to get bored with Jericho's character, means this match is not on my radar. Jericho wins the title if they're planning on making this a long feud, and my guess is he drops the IC title to Morrison afterwards. If this Jericho/Mysterio feud is ending soon, Mysterio wins and starts a feud with Shelton Benjamin. Since the next ppv is the Great American Bash, followed by Night of Champions, it dictates that these two will have one more ppv together before they move on to another contender. Couple that with the way the last match went between the two and you have your answer. Prediction: Chris Jericho is the new Intercontinental champion.

Samoan Strap Match: CM Punk vs. Umaga
I don't think these two work well together, and I never really enjoy strap matches. Both men need to be booked to look strong, but that's impossible in this environment. Either Punk gets a cheap win or Umaga destroys him. Watch out for Umaga to be trying to hit the turnbuckle but instead, does that stupid "I jumped too far and now my head hits the post" spot he does way too often. Prediction: CM Punk wins with a quick maneuver.

Miss WrestleMania Title (Hog Pen Match): Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella
Unnecessary and ultimately stupid, but at least it's a bathroom break that some people might find funny, as opposed to a bathroom break of a women's match that EVERYBODY finds atrocious. Prediction: Santino wins and is beaten up afterwards, and we have to hear Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk incessantly about "how humiliated the General Manager of Raw" was.

ECW Championship (Triple Threat Match): Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer
The second of three repetitive "no disqualification" gimmicks on the same ppv, as opposed to giving us something fresh. I don't think Tommy Dreamer has a chance in hell of winning this, unlike what most people seem to think. WWE has used Dreamer as a jobber for his whole career, so why would they suddenly change their mind when he's upon leaving and decide to give him the title and keep him around for a while longer? Not a chance. Swagger, also, has no real chance in my opinion. Who would he feud with? He's had enough matches with Christian and Finlay to eliminate those, and the only face left on the brand is Evan Bourne. Meanwhile Christian has Kozlov, Smith, Kidd, Ezekiel, and Henry. The match isn't going to be great, either. Prediction: Christian retains in an overall boring match that is dominated by Dreamer who still comes up short.

United States Championship (Fatal Four-Way): Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy
The third "generic no disqualification" match. What a waste this is, especially seeing as how Night of Champions is coming up soon. Wouldn't it make much more sense to fill this spot in with a John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin match, seeing as how neither of them have a title to be defended at that ppv? I am not a fan of William Regal nor am I fan of Matt Hardy, as I think both are incredibly overrated, so I'm not particularly looking forward to this match. However, Kofi Kingston is very entertaining, and MVP has been improving, so hopefully these two will help direct the energy and focus of the match and pull off something decent. Kofi needs to retain here, because no matter how it is booked, he can't lose this match and walk out unscathed. His credibility will be shot if he loses the title this fast. Prediction: Kofi pins William Regal and starts a feud with Matt Hardy for Night of Champions.

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