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WWE Judgment Day 2009 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, May 18, 2009
Dark Match: Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix
Didn't see it, can't comment on it.

Umaga def. CM Punk
To start the show off, we naturally started with the hometown boy, CM Punk. Immediately, I thought this could mean we'd see a cash-in for the Money in the Bank later on, as that could mean they left the extra match spot open for a quick briefcase segment. But, first off, there was Umaga to deal with. Overall this match was decent, and they meshed better than I thought they would, but it was still missing something. Maybe its just the lack of a proper storyline, I don't know. Both men came out of the match looking strong despite Punk having lost his second ppv match in a row since winning the MITB. Look out for a rematch at Extreme Rules with Punk taking the win.

ECW Championship: Christian def. Jack Swagger
Originally, I thought that Jack Swagger would be retaining his title until the Extreme Rules ppv, where he would drop it to Tommy Dreamer. Christian's win at Backlash threw a knot in that theory. So I was curious as to how they could keep both of these guys looking strong and simultaneously build towards a Dreamer feud, and I came up with no ideas, so I just assumed Christian would retain and they'd figure it out later. Lo and behold, it seems like that is what happened. Quick pace, some nice pure "wrestling"...not too bad. Better than I was expecting.

John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin
Two of my current favorites, and two guys that I think are very underrated. They may not have the mic skills of The Rock or Hogan yet, but they sure as hell make up for it in the ring. Two future main event mega stars of the company. Morrison's flip onto the outside was amazing, even though it could've resulted in an injury if Shelton was just a few more inches off his mark. Morrison's Russian leg sweep counter was great as well. Very good match.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Chris Jericho
I'm not a big Mysterio fan, but I wanted him to win here because he's much better suited holding the IC title than Jericho, who is above it. The match was a typical Mysterio match. A bunch of kicks used as filler between a bunch of spots that look more rehearsed than it needs to be, and so forth, and you have mostly every one of Rey's matches outlined. What was nice, though, was the fact that their tease of "third time's the charm" with the 619 came up short and toyed with the crowd a little more. I'm assuming the feud continues and becomes about Jericho trying to take Mysterio's mask off. We'll see if its worth it in the long run.

WWE Championship: Batista def. Randy Orton
Boy, when Orton is in charge, the match sure does get a lot better than when HHH is calling the shots, doesn't it? Despite Batista's lack of ring savvy, this match was far and out the best Orton match we've seen in 2009 so far, because Orton was actually having a match rather than a brawl with a non-wrestler (Shane) or an egomaniac (Triple H). Orton showcased fantastic heel tactics and ring psychology in this match to the point where even a passerby would know that he was the heel and you should root against him. The ending of the match, however, was bland and uninspiring. But the main problem here was the appearance of Ric Flair, who just needs to retire and step away with what very little dignity he still has left. Give it up, Ric. You've been past your prime for over a decade. Still, this match was solid enough that I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with a stipulation at Extreme Rules

John Cena def. The Big Show
This match was absolutely horrid. The pacing was so slow that it sucked the adrenaline right out of the audience and killed the atmosphere. The entire ppv came to a screeching halt after everyone realized that the entire match would consist of Big Show punching Cena, then walking around, watching John grunt to himself, for what felt like two hours. This guy who supposedly has internal injuries with the story is able to take gut shot after gut shot, then a 450 lb splash, and then STILL be able to lift said huge guy up and do ONE move to win the match? Proposterous. Not only was this match a bore and placed in the wrong spot on the card, but it was insulting to everyone's intelligence as well.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge def. Jeff Hardy
After the garbage that preceded this match, they had hit the point of no return and the audience couldn't care less. This match ultimately suffered because of it. Without getting the fans involved, the static was missing in the air, making this match just limp on from the get-go. Sadly, even Edge and Hardy, two of my favorites, couldn't recapture the excitement they had with their previous matches and this in the long run was just a stall until the ppv was over. Uninspiring from the beginning to the end, which was so obscure that there wasn't even a pop or a chorus of boos when Edge retained. Everyone must have been confused as to how he won without his finisher. Sometimes it works magically, this time it didn't

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