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WWE Judgment Day 2009 Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here are my predictions for WWE's Judgment Day ppv:

WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Batista
Could be good, could be terrible. The best thing for them to do here is have Orton squeak out a win with a quick RKO, in my opinion. A clean win for him would help him out, but he doesn't need to dominate, as that should be Batista's job. It should be more about Orton being the smarter of the two. I don't want to see Legacy interfere, as that always negates whoever someone helps out and makes them look inadequate. And I'm hoping that HHH doesn't interfere, and if by some stupid chance he does, its him starting a program with Batista, not Orton. I would rather have HHH turn heel than Batista, as HHH needs the heel turn more, and I'm so fucking tired of seeing HHH/Orton. If they want HHH to interfere, I don't think it will be at Judgment Day, but rather, at Extreme Rules. Either way, Orton is retaining in some fashion.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Jeff Hardy
Edge is definitely retaining. Hardy may be leaving, so this is probably their way of giving Edge some extra heat before he leaves. They have a rematch at Extreme Rules, which Hardy loses again, and then Edge moves on to feud with someone like Punk. Should be a decent match.

ECW Championship: Christian vs. Jack Swagger
This is a bit tricky, as it depends more on what they're doing with Tommy Dreamer. I don't know if they would really have Swagger win the title back from Christian so soon just so he can beat Dreamer and get some extra heat, or if they'll do Christian/Dreamer again and just hope that Christian doesn't get booed too much, or if they'll do a triple threat. I'd say Christian retains, and they go the triple threat route, with Dreamer coming up short at Extreme Rules, and becoming the GM instead.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Hm. Mysterio's retaining, but I'm not sure where this goes. Actually, Jericho may win the title just for kicks, and then drop it to someone like Morrison to give him a bit of a push and make the Morrison/Shelton feud surround a championship. Also, if Mysterio did in fact injure his knee at the Smackdown/Superstars taping, then they may be cautious about keeping the title on him. Jericho could walk out of here a nine time Intercontinental champion, just for security purposes in case Mysterio does in fact take a bad fall and can't compete for a few weeks or months. He IS injury prone. Tough call...but I'm going to guess that Mysterio pulls out a win, and if he doesn't, then it means Jericho will definitely be dropping the title to someone like Morrison in the near future.

John Cena vs. The Big Show
I don't care about this for the most part. Big Show needs to go over here to sell the storyline injury that Cena is taking part in, as he couldn't even walk on his own a few days ago. However, if Big Show wins and they just have a rematch at Extreme Rules in which Cena beats him due to the use of weapons, then its too similar to the Punk/Umaga match, which I'll describe below.

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin
SWEET. Two of my favorite guys to watch, actually getting ppv time for a feud that I thought was going to bomb because they weren't giving them enough to do. I really hope that they just tear the place up. The only things that are holding these two guys back from main event level pushes is the fact that they're not as solid on the mic as some of the other guys. They're not terrible, but they aren't the next Rock or Hogan either. But what these guys lack in mic-skills, they sure as hell make up for with in-ring skills. Two phenomenal wrestlers that could very well steal the show and be the darkhorse for Match of the Night.

CM Punk vs. Umaga
This is a bit confusing, as they haven't had much of a build or purpose for this yet, and it doesn't look like it will be a long term feud. My guess is Umaga destroys Punk here and they have a rematch at Extreme Rules where Punk comes out on top. This is the only way to get both guys over, and they both do need to come out of this looking strong. Punk may very well be the top face on Smackdown if Jeff Hardy leaves and the Undertaker remains absent, so they need to build him up with some serious credibility, but at the same time, they can't risk making Umaga look like a joke when he's facing someone half his size. Too similar to the Big Show/Cena situation, so that makes it difficult to predict. Either they do the same thing and its predictable and boring, or they switch it up and bet their chips on not taking too hard of a toll.

*They're missing a women's match, but they may just overlook it seeing as there aren't any true feuds going on with those belts. Mickie/Maryse hasn't picked up steam yet and Michelle/Melina hasn't either. Either they fill in that extra spot with a women's match, a promo, backstage segment, or they just shill out more advertisement space and waste time lol.

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